The necessity of Communities after SHTF!

Hello my friend! In today’s post, we are going to discuss the importance and in fact down right necessity of being a part of a community after SHTF hits.  While there may be those of you out there that think that any such idea is just foolish, let me assure you that it will be one of the things that you will need to survive after SHTF hits.  Grab a cup of coffee and sit back while we chat.

When SHTF first hits and everyone is scrambling to feed themselves and to simply survive, you won’t see many people out wandering around I’m afraid. You will need to wait a while and allow all of the stupid people to die off and food production to be reestablished before any real communities can even be formed.  During this time you will be in survival mode and trying to keep a low profile if you can.  Getting together with the neighbors will probably not be real high on your list unless you are being constantly attacked and need the backup.  Now maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider the two neighbors on each a side of you to constitute a real community, even if you do live close together.  No, I’m talking about the ones that are spread out in whatever local town may exist. ( If there are any that survived that is. 🙂

So let’s say you have a nice little group at your homestead and are doing just fine by yourselves, why would you need to bring others into the mix? The simple answer to that is that no matter how well you prepared, you are bound to overlook things that you will inevitably need to survive.  You will also need the talents of those that live around you, such as medical and veterinary services that you may not have.  You will also need others to barter any excess food or supplies that you may acquire and need to trade before they go bad.   Other items that you may want to barter with or for would be items like fruit trees or honey. (Sugar will quickly become in short supply.)  Thus the need for a trading post and the exchange of information as well as human activity from time to time.  Children will not stay small forever and will need prospective mates when they grow up.  No, staying hidden away after SHTF would not be to your advantage.

So what other reasons are there? For openers, the construction of buildings will no longer be able to be done in a week with just a couple of men.  If you look at history and how our ancestors survived, they did not do it hiding in a corner somewhere.  No, they formed communities and banded together to build a better world for themselves and help each other make it through the day to day activities that were required just to survive.  Building a new Barn will be a community wide event and people will look forward to getting together and helping build it.  When it is completed, the tradition was to have a big party to celebrate the completion of the house or barn. It was a time of great joy that can only come from being a part of something bigger than you.  This is how it will be again, it now appears.  With the world crumbling around our feet, as it were, it is only a matter of time until it all collapses and we are left to our own devices for survival.  At that time the community will once again become very important in people’s lives, It will basically be the only social life available, without computers and phones to keep us completely unaware of our neighbors.  People will once again be forced to not only learn who their neighbors are, but they will actually have to get to know them, if they are going to survive.  Harvest times will be another time when the communities will be a must!

Now, I know that for some of you out there, the thought of having to associate with others after SHTF hits is probably not something you want to think about, but you should! History has shown that it is only through interacting with society, that any civilization has thrived and it will be the same after SHTF hits.  Who knows, you may learn to like it, without all of the trappings of today’s society. Getting to know one another and forming alliances will be a key part of rebuilding this country of ours and if we are forced to fight against our own government, the community support will quickly become critical.  Communities will be a necessity after SHTF and to except that fact and plan for it will put you and yours a giant step ahead of others.  Well, that’s it for today and I hope you enjoyed todays talk and until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

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