The second Civil War is about to start!

Hello everyone and today we are going to discuss what I think will be the start of the second Civil war here in the US. As a Prepper, I keep a close watch on what is going on in the world each day as well as what is happening right here in America. I have to say that I am very worried about what I’m seeing and it is bothering to the point that I want to make it the topic of today’s post. Grab a cup of coffee and set back while we talk.

The first Civil War was about the US Government trying to tell the people of the South how to live their lives as they saw fit, despite what the liberals would have you believe. It was not about slavery at all, in fact, many of the people including Government officials and Generals of the North had them long after the Civil war was over. To say it was about slavery, is compatible to saying the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because the US wasn’t buying enough electronics from them. It’s a lie no matter how you look at it and so is the idea that the Civil war was about slavery. They say that history is written by the Victors and that was certainly the case with the First Civil War. This article is not about that though, it’s about what is about to happen in this great country of ours and the darkness that is coming very shortly.

You see, we are back to where we were with the Federal Government trying to take away people’s rights and force their views down the throats of every single American. President Obama is insisting on trying to destroy our right to keep and bear arms, even though it is guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. It is said that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and that is where we find ourselves today. Now I am not talking about Obama when I talk about learning from history as he is very aware of it. I am talking about the millions of American people who have decided to bury their head in the sand eagerly give up their rights. They choose to believe that society has reached the point that we no longer need guns and that the world would be a better place if we just outlawed them all. This is naive thinking as guns will never be completely out of reach of those who would choose to use them for evil purposes. Their ego will not let them see the truth that is staring the right in the face. Instead they chose to demonize those of us that do and work to preserve freedom and the American way of life. They are our greatest enemy and they are our own brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles just like in the first Civil War. This is the sad truth of where we are at this point and time in America.

Many of us will not stand by and let the Government take our guns and deny us our 2nd Amendment rights. We have given all we are willing to give and if President Obama uses his Presidential powers to try to circumvent Congress and the US Constitution, then I am afraid that a second civil war will be unavoidable. I for one, will not surrender my guns to anyone and I will kill anyone that tries to take them. I am not alone and there are millions of others just like me that will no longer remain in the shadows if this happens. I’m afraid it will quickly become an all-out war on those tasked with the job of collecting them, as wells as open season on all US officials. President Obama is banking on the fact that there are so many liberals against guns that he can get away with it. What he hasn’t counted on is that even though we may be a minority, we are the minority with the guns we damn sure know how to use them. He is driving the country to civil war in an effort to try to destroy it and remain in power. He has no use for America and wants to see it converted to an Islamic country. He has made this very clear and no longer even tries to hide it.

Now is the time to prepare for war and to pick your side. You should be aware that you may be facing off against some of our own family. I must confess that it is a terrible thought and not something that I would l wish for under any circumstances. The question that you have to ask yourself is whether or not you are willing to die to defend this great country and leave a better world behind for your children and grandchildren. I for one will rather go to my grave knowing that I did everything I could to ensure that my family grew up in a world knowing freedom and having the rights that so many have died to guarantee for them. I will let history be the judge as to whether I am right or wrong.

Like many of you, I have family that are opening their arms to the Muslims that are flooding into this country and are convinced that it is the right thing to do. Many of them even think that the 2nd Amendment is out dated and that the world is so civilized that we no longer need guns. This is the reality that I must face and face it I will. I am not blind and will do what is needed to protect them just as a sheepdog protects his flock. They may never pick up a gun and face the evil in the world, they do not need to, because I will do it for them. I will face the darkness and become the wolf. I will destroy any who try to hurt the ones I love and I will banish the darkness from this country that I love.

There are many like me and I know that and I call them Brother! We will be the ones that will go forward and do what has to be done, regardless of the price we may pay. History will call it the second great American Civil War and it will determine the fate of this country we love. Prepare yourselves Brothers, as the time of our calling is close at hand. Be strong, be safe, and be prepared!

-The Sargent-

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  1. Even though in principle I agree with your post, I think we need more than the attack on the 2nd amendment to start a civil war.The fact is that we are contending with many reasons to stand our ground and not give up the weapons that will allow to fight a repressive government for our rights. The list is long but here are a few items that should be kept in mind when deciding to fight to keep your guns. The government continues to tax us to death, most of us in the middle-class are paying upwards of 30% income tax, never mind the rest of taxes we pay. Welfare is also killing us; the government continues to take money from those who work hard to give it to those that do not work. The government continues to waste our money in fraud after fraud, just take a look at the latest report of waste by the office of government accountability. I could continue to write but the fact is this should be enough to list as other reason why we are heading to a civil war……Keep calm and lock and load.

  2. All great and interesting comments but if I may, currently wrong. the dynamic of the Great Northern Aggression against the South does not fit in these times.

    The knock down drag out will be against ( when SHTF ) will be against the Golden Horde who will be on the rampage to feed, rape and pillage those who live in the suburbs or rural homes. No civil war. We are so over that 120+ years ago.

    We are Americans where ever you live in the USA! We rejoice in our Constitution, Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence and have shed blood and treasure to defend all three documents.

    Civil War? Why is that definition even used? There is nothing civil about war! War is sometimes required and it is ugly and barbaric.

    The only civil war I see on the horizon is the urbanite Golden Hordes attacking we suburbanites and rural folks.

    Molon Labe

    The gene pool will most certainly thin out and have to swim in the shallow end of the pool.

    Best, and Merry Christmas!

    May G-d bless you and yours!

    Snake Plisken

  3. Historically speaking the most likely next step is gun registration, though it has never been tried with a society that is so freedom minded and would fail miserably by non-compliance. Which everybody knows so a logical conclusion is the ATF seizing all the 4473’s from all the FFL dealers and building a database with that information.

    Although the ATF may be illegally keeping the names of gun the purchaser, the background system as it exists does not give addresses or the type of firearm being purchased beyond handgun, long gun, or other.

    The other logical approach would be martial law followed by gun confiscation as already done in New Orleans, and house to house illegal searches as done in Boston. I find that to be the most likely approach, they just need a crisis that can’t go to waste.

    But they won’t see the failure coming as only the most disarmed cities and states will put up with that, the freedom loving states will have a hard time finding enough gun grabbers to implement the policy. If you do have people in your local government that try to enforce seizures shoot for the head not the tail if you get my gist.

  4. Great article! Trying to envision how the conflict will unfold. North vs. South is clear liberal vs. constitutionalist not so easy. Time table to the start of the war, anywhere from 10 days to 10 years. Weapons? The constitutionalist will have his firepower. The liberal will have government. Which will overcome? Hard to answer with so many variables.

  5. Sarge, your comments about one of the casuses for the Amercian Civil war are wrong. While there were many reasons, slavery was one of them. I looked at the secession documents from TX, Fl and SC and slavery was listed as a reason for leaving the union

    • I stand corrected! Thank you for pointing that out! 🙂

      I think the point here is that it was not the primary reason as many would have us believe.

      • Sarge, Agree, it was not one of the primary reasons for the war of northern aggression, it was a secondary reason. A primary reason was a tax levied on the south that had, under loud protest, had been earlier recended, and later reinstated.


        Son of Liberty

  6. The term ‘civil war’ is defined as two or more groups fighting for control of one government. It is inaccurate and deceitful to describe an invasion of one sovereign nation as a civil war. Do the northern bankers have a civil war in Iraq or Afghanistan? No! They are invaders by proxy.

    During the decades leading to 1860, the sovereign people of the South were taxed out of proportion, in contrary to the constitution of the northeners. Ex-president A. Lincoln was owned by bankers, just as most bureaucrats are today.

    The northern bankers needed the forests and agriculture of the people of the South to expand and bankroll their empires.

    On a broader scale, humans were never designed to live in cities. By our nature, we are nomadic hunter gatherers. No amount of citification can deny our need to be free.

    Oaths to an illegal document are invalid from the get-go, so don’t get carried away professing loyalty to something foreign to your nature. Our heritage is freedom, our bodies and spirit requires freedom.

    Anything less is artificial… and can never work.

    Read The South Was Right by the Kennedy brothers.

    Read Shock Theory by Naomi Klein.

  7. I read the comments of the others. I am well armed as is my wife. I am retired military and took my oath seriously. She on the other hand will most likely give up her weapons and I will have to go it alone. I hope I can get my sons and my brothers to fight with me. The important thing is to know when the time comes to abandon jobs and property and hunker down with like minded friends and family members. Basically prepare for the worse and hope you’re wrong.

  8. I’m a veteran too, but I don’t put much stock in any of that, including the oath I took to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, almost 45 years ago now. You see, the point is, any person with a real soul, military or civilian, understands what is required regardless of some lofty words contained in an oath or creed. Freedom is freedom, and freedom is always achieved, maintained, and perpetuated with weapons. Be it a stone and stick, the .22 in the closet that hasn’t been fired in years, but is always there if needed, or the nukes in the silos. The level of threat determines the level of needed defense. The threat determines the response, if the people have the real soul to do it. Sadly, the Soul of America has become nothing more than a hologram of politically correct words and phrases without the substance of manhood willing to suffer and die for what must be done. Yes there are a few, but most will fade away at the first challenge, or worse yet, become traitors to the cause. And yes, you are correct, most family members will not stand and fight, they will hand over their guns, and walk gingerly into the camps with nary a care for tomorrow. It is written: Matthew 10:36: A man’s enemies be they of his own household.” It is also written that we have the inalienable right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Without weapons, ” The Right To Life” will be taken from us, therefore rendering mute “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Without “Right to Life”, there is only one alternative: Wrongful Death! Give these words serious consideration before surrendering your guns. Because your guns, and your steadfast, unrelenting willingness to use those guns to defend your “Right to Life”, are all that is keeping you alive. It’s that simple!

  9. You nailed it Sarge, the words you spoke sound exactly like mine and I mean to the letter. Buy more ammo it sounds like they are going to try to ban it with all the bull about no fly no buy. I think the Muslims are going to try something as well. December 23 thru 25 judging by the phone, propane tanks,ammo,remote control cars ect. Be alert if they they attack we need to counter attack. Get all the good old red necks loaded up in pick ups with all our toys and unload on them!!! They have no idea what America really is and that is the largest armed camp in the world. They also don’t understand here there are no rules of engagement we will not stop until the enemy is terminated. So many of us are experts in demolitions, booby traps, tactics,sniping and gorilla warfare they have only seen a small portion of American firepower!!!

  10. I had one background check and bought two. One for my wife who has never owned a gun, She got her permit today. Morgan Co. Alabama Come And Get Them.

  11. All of this sounds good to us vets and Americans but if we the people do not get a handle on this way out of control government, we will continue to suffer greatly. Republicans and Democrats are the same. Just a bunch of lying, BS talking, self serving SOB`s. We the people have the worst president in the history of presidents. He is a mus sympathizer who knows nothing or wants to know nothing about the history or the greatness of America. He is a sociaisticl, one world order POS. Most of the American people are either too old, too stupid or to lazy to care until it will be too late.

  12. …all I know about that is this….When I entered the US Army I had to swear an oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution which I did gladly and patriotically.
    When I separated from the service no one asked me (or ordered me) to to take back that oath.
    As far as I’m concerned my oath stands and will never expire.
    I’m getting kinda older now, but all this ‘take my guns crap’ is starting to piss me off…At ease!

    • Hmmm I seem to remember taking that same oath. Something about protecting the USA against all threats foreign or domestic. I don’t remember taking back that oath either

  13. On “Black Friday” – the day immediately following Thanksgiving – 185,000 people legally were vetted by the FBI and bought a gun at a Federally-licensed gun shop. On one single day! Most folks aren’t aware that the population of the US Marine Corps is that exact number – 185,000. Most of those gun purchasers are NOT going to give them up! Add to those new gun owners, the 300,000,000 existing guns already owned in America – we’re not going to give them up, either!

    • President Clinton has stated she will “go after” gunowners and this is how she might do it.
      1. Since most guns have been purchased with paperwork that gives the name and other information about the purchaser they will get a letter listing the known guns and a TAX of 150 dollars per gun payable immediately. Just like owing the IRS, if you don;t pay now it will be more next month with inetrest and fine. The clock is running and they can garnish your wages, put a lean on your house etc. Its a win -win for the government. they get millions of new tax money from hated enemies , they punish the hated gun owners and don;t hurt their favorite supporters. Forget about Oathkeepers and other refusing to disarm the populace that letter from HLS will give gunowners somthing to think about as the clock is running.


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