The single largest killer in a Post-SHTF world will be…

Hello, my friend and welcome back! In any post-SHTF world, one thing will cause the deaths of untold Millions; do you know what it is and how to protect yourself?  This is the subject of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee, my friend, and have a seat while we visit.

There is something that every Prepper should be very concerned with in any post-SHTF world, simply because it is so deadly and you will face it every day of your life. So, what is it?  Infection!  It can be caused by the simplest things.

In a post-SHTF world where access to antibiotics is almost nonexistent, a single scrape of the elbow will kill if not treated. Now I have spoken to people who like to say they are not worried about it because they have a great immune system and never get sick.  What they fail to consider is that in today’s world we are constantly consuming meat which is tainted with antibiotics.  Now I’m no Dr. but I would think that these would work their way in to the systems of those who eat them over time.

It has been proven that a person’s health can be directly tied to their level of cleanliness. In today’s world, we go to the restroom and then we wash our hands.  We get ready to eat, we wash our hands.  We shower often to keep our skin clean of dirt and bacteria free. Even grocery stores have anti bacterial wipes by the door.

But what about when you can’t do these things, what then?  Huddling around a campfire in the middle of the forest, there is seldom a place to clean your hands before you eat. If you do manage to clean them, you will probably wipe them on your dirty shirt and not think twice about it.  I know this because I have done it myself.

The ability to stay clean all the time will be almost impossible for anyone and you need to take that into consideration. Something else you will need to consider is that you will be working with knives a lot more.  You will be cleaning animals you have killed or trapped to eat or maybe even some fish and in each case, you will be using a knife with dirty, slippery hands.  One miss calculation or moment of carelessness would allow dirt and bacteria to enter your system setting you up for an infection.

Millions of the unwashed masses will die from infection and disease within a very short time simply because they don’t know how to sanitize water or use a knife. Without medicine, it will be a long painful death. Deaths from these types of incidents will kill more people than any violence will.

Without access to antibiotics, you’re as good as dead, so what can you do to prepare for these situations? Store up Fish Antibiotics because as I understand it they are the same as what humans take.  Now I’m no expert on this, but I do recommend that you visit the site for more information on how to use them.

Something else to consider is natural antibiotics that are provided by nature. There are a lot of things that can be used to fight an infection before it starts. For example:  If you cut yourself, no matter how small, immediately wash it with clean potable water.   Do NOT stick your hand in a nearby river or stream to clean it.  Remember that a cut is an invitation to germs and bacteria and you have no idea what is in the stream or river.  Use only clean, Potable water.

Then look around and see what is available to put on it. Natural Honey is a natural antibiotic and if you apply some to the cut, it will help prevent infection while also keeping germs and dirt out.  Pine sap is something I used quite often as a young boy playing in the forest of South East Texas.  If I got a cut or scrape I would find some sap leaking from a pine tree and simply use my finger to rub it on my cut.  It dried very quickly and helped keep dirt from getting in it.  The only down side was trying to wash it off at night when I would take a bath.

There are also a lot of natural herbs that grow wild which can be used on open wounds to help prevent infection. But what about once you have an infection, what then?  As always, your best bet is knowledge.  You need to take the time now to learn not just which plants are edible, but which ones can be used to fight infection.  This is not something you’re going to want to after SHTF hits to learn, do it now because it is something that could literally save your live when the time comes.   “Medicinal Herbs For Beginnersis a great place to start learning.

Just remember that when it all goes bad and you are forced to rely on yourself to survive, your best chance of doing just that will be your supplies and our knowledge. Well that is it for today and I want to thank you for dropping by for coffee with me.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Sarge,
    I can still remember my aunts talking about men in the family who died from a simple infection. Rose thorn or splinter became death. Alcohol and honey are good. You can make your own.

    Oh yea. Good pair of work gloves to protect your hands.

  2. Good to see another article from you, sir. Always look forward to them. Appreciate the wisdom & common sense advice. Keep it up!

    In reference to the ‘feed additives’ directive at this point all antibiotics in feed is off the shelf unless prescribed by licensed veterinary practitioners. The fish antibiotics will be off the shelf soon. At present, oxytetracycline ( Terramycin), amoxicillin & penicillin & one other fish antibiotic are all gone. The way the bill was worded allows government to remove the remaining with no warning.

    I believe injectable animal antibiotics are still available OTC, as are wormers. Again the wording of the bill allows government to take those off the shelf at anytime. This directive includes injectable, paste & pelleted wormers. While those are not for human use, those with livestock & pets will find it much more expensive to keep their animals healthy.

  3. Two things I’d like to add:

    1. Today’s folks have weak immune systems due to all the hand washing and hand sanitizers. You need to challenge your immune system to build and strengthen it. One humorous comment that I have read is ‘eat some dirt’. Kids may have the solution you need to improve your immune system.

    2. Instead of, or in addition to, fish antibiotics, one should ‘discover’ colloidal silver, and learn to make your own. It’s not difficult or expensive to make, and it works against all sorts of things. I take it daily during cold and flu season, but in a SHTF situation, I’d take it daily for the duration. Keeping a small amount of silver circulating in your body (even if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth) goes a long way to preventing illness and infection. Silver was used for centuries prior to the discovery of antibiotics.


    Buffalo, KY

  4. Malnutrition would be the greatest enemy to your immune system. A bodies resiliency will decrease the longer one is under-nourished.
    I have tried to store multi-vitamins, but the pH mix of vitamins, iron, minerals is not compatible, even in a cool, dark place. I find alkaline minerals are best stored as itself especially. Store lots of alphabet and all the basics individually, don’t overlook Curcumin for any type of inflammations, magnesium if you have heart problems (w/ separate D3,) aspirin will keep for 20+ years in a cool dark place, cinnamon if you are diabetic, (they are finding that fatty meat is great for a diabetic,) almonds as a natural blood thinner, and the list goes on…
    All for the fortification of your immune system.
    But the greatest is still to call upon the name of the Lord, and He will bring you through.

  5. I guess I will have to differ with you on this post Sarge. If what your stating is true, than I should have been sick a long time ago. Because i do everything that you state i shouldn`t do.. only medician i have ever taken is aspirin for anixty. And of course I drink vinegar.

  6. Hey Sgt, FYI, as of 1-1-17, the FDA has removed several otc animal antibiotics and made them “prescription only”. From what I’ve read, their reasons sound good, but, the wording leaves room for concern as it allows for further controls on other such antibiotics in the future. Sounds like the pharmas are seeing these antobiotics as a concern to their bottom line.

    • That is probably true, but the Government is always looking for ways to make people more dependent on them and less self sufficient. In either case, learn how to make your own natural antibiotics. 🙂


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