Things are going to get ugly, so stay on your toes and be aware of what’s around you!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th US President and many groups have promised violence if that happened.  Members of BLM have said many times that if Donald trump was elected that they will riot in every town in America and will “Tear this country apart!”   This is the subject of today’s post, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

I for one happen to believe that they will do their very best to keep that promise.  So what does that mean for you and I?  It means that trouble is about to visit all of us and we had damn well be ready when it does.  It means that it’s time to check you guns and be sure they are well oiled and clean.  Be sure that your ammunition is accessible and that you have what you need.  Most of all go no place without a weapon of some kind to defend yourself with.

The smaller riots have already begun as we pretty much expected.  Nothing major, just a few cars burned and some windows broken in some lower-income areas in California.  Oregon had protestors shouting against Trump.  This however is only the warm up act to get people’s attention while they put together the main acts. So much like children, acting out because they couldn’t have their favorite candy or get a new pony, they are acting out. Their only real goal is to get as much for free as they can without having to work for it.  They are the entitlement people who are simply put, too lazy to work and feel that the world owes them a living and an education for free.  These people tear up their own neighborhoods, to show the world they are angry.  They attack innocent men and women, without provocation because they know that the chances of being caught and prosecuted are slim to none.   The police have been told to avoid them and they do.

These thugs run the streets night and day, with only one goal and that is to hurt someone or something to prove they are deserving of respect from their peers.   Not only does this seldom have the desired effect, but it puts thousands of innocent people at risk of being seriously hurt or killed.  Society can no longer stand by and let this continue and it’s time we took back our streets and towns.

We all need to be as prepared as we can right now because they are not the only threat we are now facing.  I listened to President Obama today speaking about Trump’s victory  in the US Presidential elections and couldn’t help but notice that he was smiling like the Cheshire cat.  I have this terrible feeling in the pit of my gut that something bad is about to happen.  He is not simply going to hand over the keys to the White House to someone he knows will without doubt, undo all of his presidential  executive orders and work to repeal his signature health care bill.  In essence undoing what he sees as his legacy.  Is he willing to risk being tried for treason and going to prison without putting up a fight?  I seriously doubt it.

No, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes and we all need to be on guard and ready when it happens.  There is no way a person as narcissistic as Obama is, will simply bow his head and accept defeat without fighting to the bitter end.  No, there is much more coming and just what it is I can’t say.   It could be massive riots; he could declare Martial Law and start trying to collect our guns and in effect holding the US hostage through its own laws.  He could order an EMP attack on his own country and blame it on someone else there by creating a Red Flag event.  He could order an attack on Russian or Chinese troops and throwing the US into a world war before he leaves office.

President Obama has 70 days left in office, at the time of this writing and there are so many things he could do, I fear the transition to the next president will be anything but peaceful.  Check your supplies and get what you still need while you can.  Things are about to get real ugly, so stay prepared my friend.

Well I guess that is it for today my friend and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


14 thoughts on “Things are going to get ugly, so stay on your toes and be aware of what’s around you!”

  1. Hi Sarge
    I for one think you are 100% on target. The Communists are highly active. Regardless of current viewpoint history proves that the potential end of a free republic ends up in civil conflict. I agree America faces one of the most dangerous times in its national experience.
    That, sir, is truth not a conspiracy theory. Man your guns ladies and gentlemen-keep the
    peace. Pray for Mr Trump, President Elect

      • No problem SARGE. I retire the open road now and head home! This is a time to stop arguing and understand common civil defense as a people. I as a trucker 20 years deal with law-enforcement constantly. Almost without example-they are loyal to their oath. I worked the dangerous timber industry 30 years before driving long-haul. Militia movement also- we owe respect as citizens period. I have many regrets in life also as all have…? Sarge I will be having coffee a lot more at home this winter in our remote mountain location. ATTENTION!

  2. Sarge, I agree with you, the current administration has weakened our military,destroyed the economy,doubled the national debt and attacked the second amendment. Further more he did executive orders to allow perverts to go in women’s bathrooms and let’s not forget turned the white house rainbow.
    I bet he doesn’t have the White House red white and blue on veterans day.
    Thanks for the cup of coffee Sarge.

  3. Sarge, I obviously don’t share your views and that’s ok. I believe church and state should be separate. Why is it the Constitution states equal rights for all, and I know you believe in your constitutional rights than why is it such a concern to you whether a gay couple is married by a justice of the peace? How does that impact your life? And why care what anybody else does if it doesn’t concern you? And as far as global warming you are literally fooling yourself to say this is a farce or lie. It’s science Sarge. I agree looking for alternative sources of energy has caused many job losses especially in the coal industry, but without controlling emissions in the US, we’ll eventually have to walk around like the Chinese in masks and there’ll be days when you’ll be barred from going outside. How is that type of air quality good for our forests rivers and lake and wildlife. It isn’t and when these emissions get trapped it’ll impact the plants and animals because they live and grow where they go because of their habitat and environment. Change the temperature and kill off the species. Then all we keep sacred in the outdoors is out of whack. Controlling those emissions is crucial to keeping our great outdoors great and free from disappearing. I’ve been to the North Pole doing research and not on Santa Claus and it is far from a lie. I’ve seen it first hand. The habitat and environment up there has changed completely. It’s true. But that’s all. Look forward to your next discussion over coffee.

    • Joe,
      I just have one quick question. What is it that makes you think I care anything about what gay couples do or who marries them? I believe in traditional marriage but as far as gay people go, I could care less what they do as long as they are not trying to force me to accept their views. They have their beliefs and I have mine. As for Global Warming, we will just have to agree to disagree on that one. 🙂 Hope you continue to visit the site and post your comments. See you around the coffee pot.

      • Sarge,
        The only reason I mentioned it was your view that Obama ruined the sanctity of marriage and turned the military into a gay bath house. Insomuch he allowed gay marriage and gays into the military. That’s why I mentioned it as it seemed you have issues with that is all. If that’s not what you were referring to then I apologize. I agree that the US has a lot of societal issues to deal with and fix no doubt, but I wouldn’t say it’s all Obama’s fault. People are human first not Republicans or democrats, and I genuinely think he’s a good man but if it takes a village to raise a child, then it must take a Nation to destroy a country, not just one man. Take care Sarge and I’ll still see you around the pot.

  4. sarge …. thanks ever-so-much for your response to ‘joe …’ and extra thanks for the listing of obama’s ‘accomplishments’ = quite amazing what one person in power can accomplish – sounds almost like a third-world-country ‘president’ (dictator)

  5. Look I normally enjoy reading your coffee discussions, but in this discussion I have to ask if you’re some how not taking your meds. Your conspiracy theories and leak outlook for your country is chock full of paranoia. You and other blogposts have continually stated Obama is going to take your guns, institute martial law and on and on and for years nothing nearly related to this has occurred. If you think Obama can somehow or want to institute martial law and begin to “Take your guns” and start another revolution and destroy the country he loves, I’d have to say you’re out to lunch. I hope you can continue to produce interesting and thought provoking discussions instead of blatant lies and conspiracy theories that are utterly untrue. Enjoy the rest of your coffee.

    • Joecardio,

      Thank you for your comments, but I think you are overlooking a few things. Was it a conspiracy theory when I said there would be rioting in the streets? Have you seen today’s News? It’s not a conspiracy Theory if it’s true. You point out that I have said that Obama would possibly declare Martial law in an attempt to take our guns. I still stand by that because he has not yet left office and will not until January of 2017. Until such time he still remains in full power and is capable of doing anything. He spoke in the Rose Garden at the White House yesterday, and the words he spoke sounded great. The look on his face, however, was not that of a President who’s Party had just lost control of the White House, but rather that of someone who know something others do not. He and Biden were almost giddy and were laughing and slapping each other on the back as they left. NO, my friend, this is far from over and all of the riots which are breaking out is all he needs to declare Martial Law. You mentioned that he loves America, have you even been paying attention to what he has been saying and doing? That man has no love for America at all! He has done everything in his power to destroy America. Let me back that up by giving you a list of his accomplishments while in office:

      Obama’s legacy:
      + Destroyed our national sovereignty

      + Destroyed healthcare

      + Destroyed the sanctity of marriage

      + Turned race relations back 100 years

      + Attacked the Police and Praised Criminals

      + Quadrupled the number of people on food stamps

      + Restarted the Cold War

      + Destroyed our Allies and Supported our Enemies

      + Turned our Military into a gay bath house

      + Reverted the middle east back into the middle ages

      + Turned the IRS and NSA into the KGB

      + Doubled the national debt

      + Infested America with Foreign Diseases

      + Wasted Billions of taxpayer $ on the Scam of “Global Warming”

      + Greatly empowered and supported Islamic radicals

      + Flooded America with illegal Aliens, Muslims, and Africans

      + Taken over the Internet – If you like your Internet you can keep it!

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and please stop by for coffee anytime! 🙂



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