Things have to change!

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and get going and all you can think of is that things have to change? Well I am having one of those today and in today’s post, I will tell you why.

I climbed out of my bed this morning and started going through my emails while I was drinking my coffee. As I browsed through the topics of each and looked through some of the contents, I found myself shaking my head and wondering how we let ourselves get into this situation.    I then looked over the news on-line and the feeling in the pit of my stomach seemed to get worse.  The things that are going on in the world today defies all common sense.  Has the world completely lost its mind?  Murders, Rapes, Beheadings ,everywhere you look and it is getting worse every day.  This is not the way God taught us to live, it’s not the way that his son Jesus Christ taught us to live and it is not even the way our Grandparents taught us to live.  I’m glad my parents are not here to see what has become of this world and the country they so dearly loved.  It is heart breaking to say the least, and I for one have had enough.

Things have to change or none of us will survive, and those that do will be forced to live in a world where there is no freedom and evil will rule everywhere. Is this the world you want to leave your children and grandchildren?  Not me!  As long as this old body of mine draws breath, I will fight for Freedom and when I get tired, I will remember all of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may know what it feels like to be free.  I will not falter, I will not fail and I will never give up no matter what.  If I have to carry on the fight alone, with a torn and battered body I will.  You see, I love America and I remember a time when every American was proud of her.  Now I see people desecrating our flag and the left-wing of our government trying to make this country into something it was never meant to be.  Something vile and disgusting that would only please the Devil himself.  People have become lazy and complacent and seem to believe that the world owes them something.  We and especially America, owe nothing to anyone; it is they who owe America something.  The very fact that they can rise from their bed each day and go about their lives as they choose, is the direct result of countless men and women that have given their all for this country. They have shed blood, sweat and tears for her leaving many of them broken or dead.  Many a child has grown up without a father,mother, husband, wife or child because of the sacrifices they have made for this country.  What sacrifice have you made?  If you are one of the past or present men and women of our armed forces, then I salute you!  If you are one of the ones that sat by a phone or door waiting for “the Call”, I salute you!  If however you are one of the millions that have done nothing for this country, except take what has been paid for with the blood of others, then lets say that you are a parasite and the scum of the earth.  You should find another nation to live in.  You are not welcome nor wanted here in America!  There has been too much blood spilled here, to allow someone with no desire to earn their freedom  to stay here.

If you are in this country illegally, then you need to go back where you came from. You have not earned the right to live here and enjoy the fruits of our land.  Go home and change the laws of your own country, instead of trying to change ours.  You are a coward for leaving your home land instead of fighting to make it the country you want.  You are a parasite and a plague upon the earth and you will be destroyed.  Leave now while you still can because something has to change… and it will!  We the legitimate countrymen of this land will no longer stand by and allow you to remain.  We will root you out and drive you out because this is our land and we are her Patriots.  We have sworn an oath to watch over and protect this land and her constitution.  If you choose to remain, we will pile your bodies in piles so high that the fires of them burning will be seen for miles.  You have no rights and you have no chance of survival here.  This is our country and it and you need to leave because something… is about to change!


-The Sargent-

A little something from Facebook for my Brothers in arms!

3 thoughts on “Things have to change!”

  1. We are to blame for letting them do what they are doing is what the founding Fathers would say. What we allow will continue until we stop or change it. It will take force regretfully, because they will not understand anything but. People need to get off their a$$ and go to work to earn $$ so others don’t have to pay for them. That excludes people that are really handicapped not people just trying to get free money!!!

  2. i agree with the sarge. ididn’t serve my country for years just to have these outsiders to come in and tell us to change our cxountry to suit them.

  3. It’s not the fault of the refugees. The blame lies on the shoulders of politicians both federal & local who allocate money for this. And the churches & humanitarian groups who sponser these people, hook them up on every welfare program & then walk away. Want to know who’s to blame? Look closer to home.


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