Why I think an EMP is possible in the near future.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, I’m going to talk about why I fear an EMP attack is imminent, in our near future, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

First let’s look at what an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) is and what the repercussions of having one set off over the US would be.  An EMP is basically a nuclear bomb that is set off around 300 to 500 miles above the surface of the planet.  It causes the earth’s magnetic field beneath it to compress and then bounce back.  This creates a magnetic pulse which can destroy basically all modern-day electronics leaving them useless.

A study commissioned by the US Government, on the effects of and EMP on America, was completed and the results are chilling.  The report concluded that the results would cause the very fabric of the social structure to break down.  As a result of this, they also estimated that within one year, 85 – 90% of the people in the US would be dead from violence, disease, and starvation.  That’s a pretty sobering thought and it could all happen without warning.  Just imagine waking up one day to find everything you depend on to survive gone.

No food, no water, no gas for your car, no car even unless it is older model with no electronics.  The stores would quickly run out of food with no way for trucks to deliver it.  Underneath the thin veneer of our social structure, lie those who have only been waiting for a chance to do what they will, without worrying about the police or any law enforcement stopping them.  Anarchy will abound and the criminals will run the streets with no one to stop them.

Without Power, the sewer and water systems will fail and because people no longer know to how to safely dispose of their human waste, disease will take hold and people will become sick and die as well.  OK, so now you know what an EMP is and what makes it so deadly.  You have to ask yourself why on earth anyone would willingly do that to any country.  It would surely start a war wouldn’t it? The answer to that is both yes and no.  It would only start a war if they knew who did it that’s if they did not do it to themselves.

I think you get the picture and I’m not going to dwell on this part.  Instead, I’m to discuss why someone might want to do it and who that someone might be.

Let’s start with the current crisis that is facing America and many other nations right now.  Hunger is the biggest issue facing mankind right now.  Man has grown to the point that the earth can no longer support us all.  Countries are looking to expand to create more room for them to grow food, to feed their people.  Countries like Saudi Arabia and China have been slowly purchasing land in the food belt of America to ship to their countries as well.  Global warming is something they came up with to blame the lack of food on, rather than their failed policies.

Then you have the UN and the NWO (New World Order) , also known as OWG (One World Government) who know they cannot possibly control many people with the current population.  No, they will need to find a way to drastically reduce the number of people on this planet, before they can try to take control.  They need to look like saviors and not grim reapers to accomplish this though.  What can they do?  The problem grows more critical every day.  Many of the world leaders, if not all of them, are on board with the plan and it is only a matter of time until the switch is thrown.

You see, they cannot risk contaminating the soil or damaging structures they may need.  This is where the EMP comes in.  The have tried releasing plagues such as Ebola in Africa, and then there is the new Zika virus, which stops the body from producing children of sufficient intelligence, as to stand against them.  The trouble is, they just are not working fast enough.  The EMP however will not destroy the land or the buildings but will cleanse the country of most of its inhabitants. It fits as a solution to reducing the population of the world, while allowing enough survivors for them to rule over as masters.

With communications out, they will be able to spread whatever story they want and people will believe them.  The few that do remain, will be easily controlled by creating a One World Government so as to protect mankind from it ever happening again.   I can see it happening to every industrial country around the world.  When will it happen?  I have no idea, but I am sure it will be soon.  You can pretty much bet that the New World Order will be an Islamic Nation, which has been their plan all along.  They just need to distract people so that no one sees them doing it.  It is coming and you can bet on that, as for the NWO, their success is yet to be determined, as they have never faced a people like us, who will not go quietly into the night.

Well that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, please stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!


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  1. Sarge, the soil would become damaged by all of the nuclear power plants going into meltdown. They just can’t get away from the fact that an emp will completely destroy America. JMHO

  2. An EMP scenario surely smacks as the most likely because once it takes place the effects are mostly immediate insofar as isolating people due to little or no transportation and little to no communication capabilities .
    Failure of either helps those who seek totalitarian rule to be successful since present day humans as a rule crave instant information and communication is paramount in virtually all other aspects of present day life.
    Additionally, without communication nobody can even think to help those worse off because they won’t know where or how many are in need nor the extent of the need, whether it be medical, food or water.
    And without transportation, getting assets to a location of need is problematic. Sure, horses can and will be used but when time is of the essence horses will be slow even if reliable to a point.
    Then think about unplanned fires to homes, buildings and wildlands. Outside of the obvious visual clues, how will survivors communicate with others to coordinate a suppression attempt?
    Then how do they put out the fire once they know where the fire is or at least attempt to contain the fire to prevent it from spreading further? Let’s face it; gone are the days of horse water troughs located in several locations along Main Street USA, much less the manpower and equipment to form a bucket brigade.
    Then there are the health issues.
    So many Americans have electronic medical devices implanted just to survive daily (think diabetic insulin pumps and artificial hearts/pacemakers as but just three examples) that if they don’t die within moments of an EMP event (think pacemaker wearers) they will perish in a slow and uncomfortable fashion.
    My point to all this is that once the “weak links” are eliminated (and I mean NO malice or disrespect to those affected) the most hardy and resourceful will remain and they will be the ones who provide the nucleus of the capable skilled and unskilled workforce sought after by the Powers That Be in their quest to rule over a population of strong worker bee’s.
    (All you attorneys, stockbrokers and bank types BETTER pay attention and learn survival methods ASAP! Ain’t nobody gonna wait on you hand and foot after the collapse. And without viable and valuable skills above and beyond crunching numbers, your days are limited. All that “wealth” you’ve been accumulating is of little value after The Fall.)
    Ultimately the remaining “breeding stock” will provide the means for the new hierarchy to rebuild and implement the changes to society where only the strongest survive and only at the pleasure of the ruling elite.
    Yes, the easiest way to pare down the excess fat, as it were, to end up with a fine example of a Pretty Pony or Show Dog is via an EMP situation.
    Other methods are too imprecise and have additional dangers associated with their use.
    Pandemic? How do you “control” it’s spread once it has taken root and is being distributed by human contact? As long as there is a human host to carry it around and spread it, it remains viable and a killer or crippler. And what about mutation of the original infection? How could you, as the instigators, corral it, plan for it, and come up with a way to negate it’s effects?
    No, to my line of thinking, diseases are too imprecise unless you are looking for wholesale destruction, but that could be a two-sided blade. After all, who would be left to till the land and sow the crops, to say nothing about tending then harvesting them when ripe.
    Surely NOT the pale, well-fed members of the new Ruling Elite.
    Poisoning of the air or water supplies?
    Again, too imprecise and with potentially far overreaching results since either would spread based on the vagaries of the wind and water flow. Plus, how would you stop either once your stated goal has been achieved?
    I could go on ad nauseum but I think you can catch my drift.
    Prepping for an EMP is a worthy exercise of your time and efforts, but don’t focus on JUST THAT to the exclusion of other potential hazards.
    In the end, prepping is a compromise for each of us based upon the potential for crisis you consider as most likely for YOUR area and circumstances.
    Me? I worry about EMP, too, but less on flooding as opposed to drought; less on a nuclear power plant meltdown and more on social unrest; more on health related issues and less on snow drifts.
    Those of you living where there are actually four seasons have more considerations about freezing than I do in the southwest deserts of the country, since, let’s face it, you need to put back a LOT more fuel for heating, cooking, etc., than I do.
    EMP is quite the insidiously cruel killer.
    Maybe not instantaneous as a direct nuke to the noggin’ nor as slow and uncomfortable as pneumonia without antibiotics, but unless you have made a HUGE number of preparations and set aside a HUGE supply of seeds and other easily used foods, plus have a “support system” of friends, family and neighbors who can ALL band together to work towards the common goal of surviving, ANY regional, national or worldwide conflict which brings down our current way of life will lead to one of the WORST
    die-offs of mankind, the likes of which haven’t been seen in centuries (think more along the lines of the plague and less about intentional genocide).
    ONLY YOU can take steps to provide the security for yourself and family/friends. NOT the government!
    In fact, should the government (or neighbors for that matter) learn of your preps and stockpiled supplies, I’ll bet you every single last cent they will show up on your doorstep before too long and simply TAKE what you have under the guise of needing whatever you have (had?) for the “common good” and leaving you with little to nothing for yourself.
    After all, “hoarding” will have been outlawed and if you aren’t summarily executed for your failure to surrender your “excess” for the “common good,” you can bet you will be stripped clean with little, if anything, to get you by for more than a few days, if that.
    Is it too late to prepare? Certainly not but the time IS drawing near and those who haven’t made any efforts thus far are WAY behind the power curve and will need to throw a TON of money at the effort just to catch up.
    And IF you want to stay out of the sights of the government and/or nosey neighbors, you better plan on paying for your preps with good old American Greenbacks and hauling them inside under cover of darkness or inside an enclosed garage.
    Cash to keep your purchase(s) somewhat anonymous and storing them without prying eyes learning about what YOU have so they can come a knockin’ with their hands out for some “charity” after the SHTF and they are starving.
    Which brings me to one final thought before I close this out.
    What WOULD you do if you had plenty of stored foods, water, gear, etc., and Joe Neighbor knocks on the front door asking for some table scraps for his children?
    I’ll be the LAST person to advise you (although I KNOW what my plans are), on what to do or how to act, but you had BETTER think long and hard about what YOU are going to do.
    And you BETTER have an answer to the question RFN.
    Yesterday would be a better time to have your plan(s) figured out.
    Good luck.

    • I wonder how the people in the 16`s,17`s 18`s and early 1900`s ever survived without electricy. Use your brain people, you can do it also. There is so much more technoligy out there now,then there was in those days As far as living in snow contry, I wouldn`t live anywhere else. At least in winter we have a natural ice box for our food. There is a lot of food sources if you know where to look for them., may not be the best tasting, but you will survive.. EMP should be the least of our worries if SHTF.

  3. There are so many highly plausible catastrophic scenarios that one has to truly consider which ones are the most likely. I have also come to the conclusion that an EMP strike is one of the most lonely scenarios we would face. Fortunately, the preparations needed to live through something like that, overlap the preps needed to survive and thrive most of the potential threats against life as we know it. I’m weak in solar power and since, geographically speaking,we live close to each other, wind power would be of very little help here. I definitely need to get on the ball and get some back up panels to store protected from EMP.


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