To Drone or not to drone …That is the question!

To Drone or not to drone …That is the question! Well at least the question for today’s post that is. I was looking through a sales paper over the weekend and found some really good deals on drones with video cameras on them for very little.  By that I mean $200 or less.  I know it may sound like a lot of money, but they had some for as little as $89.  Today we are going to talk about how these could be used by a Prepper or Prepper group to help them.


First off, let me say up front, that no, I don’t not have one of my own yet, but I am hoping to soon change that. I can see all kinds of possibilities for their use.  If you are like me, then the first thing that you think of is security.  I could see the benefits of using it to fly over a hill in the road or road that you are traveling on to look for surprise attacks up ahead, along your path.  I believe there are many other uses for them as well.  I could see it being used to scout out enemy camps, to get a better count on how many there are and where they are located.  This could make the difference between a successful raid and one that results with you getting your butt kicked.  If you are forced to attack another camp of people, then I would certainly hope that you would have a very good reason for it.  Things such as freeing innocent people who may have been captured or are being held as slaves, by gangs in the area.  It could also be used to search for missing members of your community that may have disappeared.  In a case like this, an aerial view could save you hours of searching and even help save their lives.  At under $200 they are diffidently a worthwhile investment.


Because many of them have night vision, they could also be used to patrol the area around your camp at night to see if anyone is snooping around your place. There are tons of things that you could use them for, such as checking out your crops and I can see the use in them for when it comes to preventing detection by the enemy.  If you know where they are, you could just go around them.  I guess we all can see their benefits, but is the price worth the effort.  I mean what if they just shoot it down or jam the radio on it somehow…What then?  As for shooting it down, you just need to keep it high enough so they can’t really see it, like between them and the sun during the day and just over the tree tops at night.  Don’t give them a clear shot and it probably won’t get shot down.  Now, as for jamming the radio on them, most have an auto return program built in.  If it loses contact with its controller, it turns around a follows its last path back to where it was launched from.  In a case like this, their jamming will do nothing but slow you down.  This is a feature worth having.  When I do get one, I will do a review on it here, so that all of you can learn from my experience.  If you have any recommendations on a particular drone such as one you may have and like, please let me know. All information is appreciated.


So where can you get them? Well I have seen them on as well at places like  Academy seems to be carrying several models now and the prices are actually pretty good, from what I have seen of them.  I figure hobby stores and model airplane stores will have them for sure.  Just look around and do your homework before you decide on which one to buy.  There are a ton of them available and some are only toys, so please be careful which one you get.  Look at the specs as well as video quality.  Some only take single pictures, while others not only take videos, but can automatically create panoramic pictures of the area.  I like the ones that have a video screen on the controller so that you can get live video from the drone while it is flying and not have to wait for it to return and then take the memory card out to see what you captured with its camera.  They cost a little more than the others, but I think they are diffidently worth it.  When considering price for one of these, ask yourself just how much is your life worth?  If it saves you or someone you love even one time then it has more than paid for itself.  Now granted, if you are new to prepping, then this is not something you are going to want to run out and buy.  It is something that you add to your preps, after you are well on your way.  If you do get one, then I would advise you to take it out and get used to handling it so when the time comes and you need it, you will know how,  without having to learn while you have a lot going on.  It should be one of the fun parts of prepping, so take the time to enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Well, that is today’s post on drones and I am looking forward to doing a review of whatever drone I get and sharing my experience with you. If you haven’t thought about getting one because you thought they were too expensive, then now is your chance to add one to your preps.  Take a look and let me know if you find any good deals that my readers might be interested in getting in on.  I know that they are like me and always looking for a good deal on anything that will give them the advantage when SHTF hits.  I sincerely hope that today’s post has given you something new to think about and maybe helped you in some small way.  Until next time my friend, keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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