The unprepared will be far more dangerous than you may think!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  We often refer to the unprepared as the walking dead because they will keep walking and looking for food until they simply drop dead.  Defending yourself will be really hard because many will turn into something far worse.  Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Yes, it’s true, many of the unprepared will simply start walking and looking for food until the just fall dead from starvation but many more will resort to killing and eating anything they can find…even YOU!  The simple fact is that quite a few of them will simply resort to Cannibalism to survive.

It’s not that far of a stretch for some people, after all, Tribes in Africa have done it for centuries and it has even been reported many times here in the US.   Humans are often referred to as  “Long Pigs” by cannibals and I can only imagine that it refers to their taste.  I can honestly say that I would much rather die than to resort to Cannibalism, but others are not so picky.

These people will use many methods to trap their victims in a post-SHTF world.   Perhaps they will lure them in with offers of fresh cooked meat?  A starving man will seldom ask what kind of where it comes from.  The simple smell of meat cooking over an open fire will be enough to attract most people.

This however, will not be the only way.  Beware of people offering to take care of your children, or taking in orphans.  These will be signs of people looking for a meal and they won’t care who it is.  These people will most often gather in large groups and hunt like a group of rabid dogs looking to make a kill.   You need to think about this and beware especially if you are traveling into areas you’re not familiar with.  As bad as they are, they are only one of the threats posed by the unprepared people when SHTF hits.

What you must remember is that most of these people have no idea how to actually hunt for food.  This will lead to the demise of many of them, as they take to the forest with their guns.  Casualties like this are often referred to as “Friendly Fire casualties”.  It seems to me that it doesn’t make any difference who killed you if you’re still dead!

Hungry people in the woods with guns or bows are a very dangerous thing, especially if they have no experience at it.  The sad part is that they will successfully kill off many of the wild game in the area and still face starvation.  It’s amazing what any person will do to keep from starving, as morals will be the first thing to go for many of them.

Worse than starving people are the starving children.  Most parents will move heaven and earth to keep their children from starving and God help you if you get in their way.  So why am I telling you all of this?  It’s because you need to know what dangers you could face when it all falls apart and darkness comes.

There will be many groups of unprepared with their own version of why the darkness has come.  Religious groups will abound.  There will be everything from Rainbow Warrior’s to satanic groups and all willing to kill you for their own beliefs.

Let us not forget the Inner city gangs that will slowly move out of the cities and into the country looking for food, drugs, alcohol and sex.  These are groups that are used to getting their way through fear and intimidation.  I can’t help but believe that many of these groups will be those of a single race, Black groups, White groups, Hispanics etc. and all looking to control everything they find.  Don’t be found!

Now I know that all of this probably feels really dark, but you can only protect yourself if you know what dangers you will actually face.  Don’t let yourself believe that you will only be dealing with small groups of hungry people because in many cases they will be large mobs capable of overrunning most groups.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!  Now you have a better idea of what to expect when it all falls apart, you can be better prepared than most.  Well, I guess that’s it for today my friend and I hope to see you back tomorrow.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


6 thoughts on “The unprepared will be far more dangerous than you may think!”

  1. During WW1 and WW2, various areas of Europe turned to cannibalism within two weeks. Most towns and cities no longer had a cat and/or dog population.
    The massive airlifts and food convoys from America assisted and saved England and Europe near the end of the WW2, as the people had to rebuild their farm communities, having previously used all resources, man and machine, for the war effort on both sides.
    Remember, what happens in America will be happening throughout the world. When the Eagle (US) is no longer in bases throughout the world, maintaining control over the belligerent nations and/or governments; why would they be reserved from genociding their neighbors and their own?
    There is a saying in the financials, “When America coughs, the World gets a cold.” So it will be true in anarchy and war.
    And what country is like America that will be untouched and of a compassionate nature to come to our rescue and feed us when it comes time to rebuild society?
    It is a peace-time concept in the West,( America/Canada/England/Europe/ Australia), that every life is sacred. The balance of the world has complacency toward their fellow neighbor. The West teaches their armies and police, that the shooter is responsible for every shot that goes down-field. Most of the World will shoot the innocent to get to the perpetrator.
    If America starts down that dark path, easily a third of the population of the world is forfeit. (Didn’t Christ say that such an event would happen before the end times?)

  2. I’m thinking the ‘large group’ threat will be a relatively short cycle. What may be a good food supply for a family or small prepper group, will probably only feed these larger groups for a day or two. Eventually the pickings will become scarce, the prey will be gone or in hiding, and the large group will break up due to infighting, casualties and their own starvation. The key will be staying away from the large group while they are at their peak. Being nomadic for this period would be one solution. Cache your food, supplies, tools and seeds and only carry a short supply, visiting your cache or caches to resupply, then move out again. When the peak threat is over, start to re-build.

  3. They say ‘coincidence’ is not a kosher word. Dunno about that but, I just went through this very thought process last evening. The fast food/grocery dependent folks out there will definitely be ‘the’ problem for those of us who have been striving for self-sufficiency. And I think it’s OK and healthy to talk about it and plan accordingly. Keep up the good work! ~ JustAnotherVet

  4. ‘in the land of the blind – the man with one eye is king’
    …. and he keeps telling hid subjects, that the animal is indeed an elephant

    sarge = again – another very-informative posting


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