Video Monday: How to build a War Hammer

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s Video Monday post, BCTruck is going to show us how to make a War Hammer from scrap iron.  It’s a great little video and I hope you enjoy it, I know I did.  If you get the chance, please swing by his YouTube Chanel and check out some of his other fine videos.  Until Next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!



3 thoughts on “Video Monday: How to build a War Hammer”

  1. BC, nice looking hammers but mine is bigger and has lightning that shoots out of it. After all, I’m Thor!!! Lol good video and nice looking work shop.

  2. Thanks sarge!! This was a fun project. Not long after this video, I did another one wrapping the handle with paracord. Oh, I’ve lost 60 pounds since this video. It was kind of shocking seeing how fat I was. I’m still a big boy, but nowhere near this fat anymore.


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