Video Monday: EMP Attack on US & Societal Collapse (2017 – 2018).

Hello my friend and welcome back!  I personally see an EMP attack as the greatest danger to our country and us as Preppers at this time in history.  The EMP would allow a country to attack the US and her people without damaging the land and the need to wait for radiation to clear.  It’s clean and efficient and can be done without any detection until it is too late.  An EMP weapon, hidden inside a supposed foreign satellite, could be detonated over the US without warning.  This would set in motion the breakdown of Society as we know it.  Here is a video I ran across and if you’re not clear about just what an EMP is or you want to see what the government is saying about them, then I think you will enjoy this video.  Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we watch it.



Well that’s it for today my friend and I hope you have enjoyed it.  Until next time,. stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!

PS   I hope to have the time to at least write a couple of new post this week and I thank you all for your patience.



4 thoughts on “Video Monday: EMP Attack on US & Societal Collapse (2017 – 2018).”

  1. Thanks for the video, Sarge. Very interesting and sobering information.
    Fortunately we have never been subjected to such an event and I hope we never are.
    Unfortunately (?), since an EMP has never been deployed as a weapon, what will REALLY take place is a serious unknown. It’s only theoretical at this point.
    It is precisely that reason why we must ALL prep for the potential, the possibility, of an EMP weapon strike.
    Even if you live in a flat, barren, desert you should plan for fighting a fire in your home and if you live where a lot of rain falls, you must plan for floods and landslides.
    The key word here is “PLAN.”
    It MAY never happen but IF it does and IF you planned, the negative impact will (hopefully) be minimized on your lifestyle.
    Thanks again for the information and, as always, I look forward to many more good articles.
    Take Care and Be Safe, my Friend!

    • Not sure if you know this Huggy, but the EMP effect was first seen while the US was testing its nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean back in the 40s. They were testing the effects of an air burst on a deserted Island a couple of hundred miles from Hawaii. To their surprise, when they detonated it, the entire Hawaii Island chain went dark! fortunately back then there was not much electronics and the Island was isolated enough that they were able to cover it up. It was the birth of the EMP, so not all of it is a theory, my friend. Thanks for the comment and I hope all is going well with you and yours. 🙂

      • Sarge,
        Thanks for the reply and making me feel like a doofus! LMAO!!!
        Actually I did know of the testing in the islands and the unforseen consequences of the EMP blast effects towards the islands.
        What I didn’t make clear is theory of a high altitude blast and the supposed to be Nation-wide effects and disabling of most electronics and such and for how long.
        With that in mind, there wasn’t any reports of EMP effects as a result of either weapon dropped on Japan during WWII.
        Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify my post and meaning and I hope it opens up more debate on the subject.
        As I’ve followed and studied the phenomenon, I have learned that some folks have a tendency to believe in the effects and go whole-hog preparation-wise, sometimes to the expense of being seen as real kooky and at the other end of the spectrum the disbelievers who do nothing, plan for nothing and intend to let the gubment (AKA FEMA) provide and to attend to all their needs.
        Me? I’m somewhere in the middle.
        I have a Faraday cage of sorts where I keep a spare laptop with duplicate files of various prepper details and such, my HAM WT’s and typical handy talkies, small solar panel and batteries and several other devices I feel may be in need of protection should the worst happen and so on.
        Mostly (?) I’m not seen as a fruitcake by family; they tolerate my, um, “odd” ideas at times, so I quit telling them what I do and just KOKO (Keep On Keepin’ On) with my plans and rustling up my stocks.
        Back to the topic at hand, I think the highest potential for an EMP comes from NK and that wackadoodle they have. I wouldn’t put it past him to try and maneuver a container ship somewhere off shore and launch one of his missles.
        This would GREATLY delay our ability to respond quickly enough to engage the incoming device and destroy it before detonation, but I pray our government is keeping very close eye on shipping vessels leaving for ports unknown from NK.
        At least our Navy or Coast Guard could interdict the ship and scan it for potential nuclear signatures if they know where any NK vessel(s).
        And, Sarge, keep on producing your signature posts. They are ALWAYS informative and food for thought.
        God Bless, Brother.


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