Video Monday: Making a spoon with a gouge and spokeshave | Paul Sellers

Hello, my friend and welcome back! There are certain skills that we will all need if SHTF lasts for many years, and one of those is as basic as being able to make a simple spoon.  Whether it be for eating or cooking, spoons are essential to daily life.  Today I have a video for you on how to make basic spoons and what tools you will need, as well as how to do it.  I hope you enjoy it and go out and make one or tow yourself just to practice.  Now, grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.


Well, that is it for today, and I hope you have found this video useful.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared. God Bless America!


4 thoughts on “Video Monday: Making a spoon with a gouge and spokeshave | Paul Sellers”

  1. Howdy, Sarge.
    I have to tell you I was pretty darned certain the video on making spoons would be the most BORING topic I could imagine for today but then I actually sat down and watched it and my whole impression was turned around.
    For that I truly Thank You, Sir! You have, once again, opened my eyes and made a believer out of me.
    Since we are on the topic of making rustic tools or cooking/eating implements, some questions came to mind that I wondered if you could steer me to the answers. Perhaps other subscribers have wondered the same thing, too, and if so we could all get in some educational experience at the same time.
    One thing I have always struggled with is the PROPER way to sharpen an axe and hatchet. Oh, sure, I could put a “good” edge on either using a file but what has always eluded me was the knowledge of what would be the correct angle of an axe or hatchet cutting edge to provide a balance of longevity and durability along with correct cutting angle of the blade.
    I understand that the thinner the cutting edge the more refined your cut would be but that type of shaped edge wouldn’t give long service as it would dull quickly and need constant attention.
    Then again if the cutting edge was to be too blunt, while it would do the job, the depth of cuts when chopping would be much more coarse and require more effort to achieve the end result of cutting your project down (as in a limb or trunk of a tree).
    And with both of the above discussed finishes, it is obvious that all bets are off as to cutting edges remaining sharp if the user hits a stone or allows the bit to repeatedly bury itself into the soil beneath.
    Along this train of thought, it would be helpful to have explained (a video would be perfect!) on sharpening various knives, from a pocket knife, “combat” knife, fillet knife, machete, etc. Each is unique in the type of edge you’d want or need balanced with durability as mentioned for axes/hatchets above.
    And what about scalloped edges since their inclusion in so many different knives these days are prevalent? Everything from your bread knife to your Gerber-type folding multitool, etc., seems to include a scalloped blade.
    And how about discussing the types and care of sharpening implements? Everything from wet, dry or oil stones to files, file cards and even leather strops. All of them could be useful to have in a grid down situation, but of course carrying a truck-load of this gear would be problematic if you are on foot without a horse drawn buggy or even a little red wagon. But having access to them after the SHTF and civilization (?) is returning would be MOST helpful to the New Entrepreneur Of The Post Apocalyptic Society, right?!? LOL
    But seriously, knowing what are some QUALITY but easily transported sharpening tools you can have in your BOB could go a LONG way towards making your very survival somewhat easier. And, obviously, the knowledge of how to use said tools would be worth MORE than Gold, my Good Sir.
    And if you had some smaller blades that could take and retain a literal razors edge they could also be invaluable if you needed a blade that is razor sharp to do some minor (?) surgery during a SHTF/Grid Down scenario. Or shave, maybe.
    All of the above topics could provide the end user with valuable knowledge that might, one day, save their life and you, Sir, are to be commended in doing a HUGE part of helping to educate us lesser mortals in things we are ignorant about.
    Thanks Again, be Safe and K.O.K.O., Brother!

    • (Sarge, HOLY CRAPPOLA!! I had NO idea how long my post was/is!! Feel free to edit it to be less, um, wordy if you wish to. You won’t hurt my feelings, Pardner. Have a GREAT day!)

    • As always, your dead on track with your ideas. I would be happy to share with you and my other readers how to sharpen and maintain blades and axes of all types. I have some great ideas for your Bugout bag that will help you keep your blades sharp wherever you go. 🙂 Look for it this week.



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