Video Monday: How to prepare for a gun ban.

Good morning and welcome back to today’s Video Monday post.  In today we are going to look at how to prepare for a gun ban.  This video is from Sootch on YouTube.  This is excellent and one ever Preppers should see.  If you get the chance please stop by and let them know that you like their video!  Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-



1 thought on “Video Monday: How to prepare for a gun ban.”

  1. Buy more ammo or they are just a club. Gun shows are great for this you can find all kinds of goodies. I have an extra magpul stock and an ergo pistol grip, guess I just have to buy a lower and build another one. Lol ! Should also say buy SKSs and mosnigants to arm friends, neighbors and veterans who were stripped of their second amendment rights. 260,000 since December. They tell them they have PTSD, give them meds that the side effect is suicide, and take their firearms. Don’t tell them you are depressed or have flashbacks or they will take your weapons. People get killed in war,bad things happen to good people,its OK if you survived and your buddy didn’t. God wanted it that way for reasons we don’t understand. Be at peace my brothers.

    PS sootch is a great channel watch him all the time. Nice Sarge we are on the same page.


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