Video Monday: A special request for those less fortunate.

Hello my friend and welcome back.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to locate a good video for today.  We are in the middle of trying to put our lives back together, after the 1000 year flood, we just went through.  Many people lost everything and my in-laws  are two of those unlucky few.  To watch a once strong man, who is now in his late seventies, break down and cry, as he looked at what was once his home for 35 yrs is something I hope I never see again.  Now normally, I would never do this, but if you can please help us raise enough money for these poor souls, who so desperately need our help. If you can not donate, that is fine, just please share this so that maybe those who can donate will help them.   I am doing everything I can to help them, and thought I would post a link to a GoFundMe page that has been setup.  Thank you for understanding, why I felt I needed to post this today.  Until next time, please stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  You never know when you might need it.  God Save America!

-The Sargent-


6 thoughts on “Video Monday: A special request for those less fortunate.”

  1. Not a good way to get donations. I don’t trust gofundme…they take a percentage of our donations.
    Set it up another way and you’ll hear from me and others.
    We send cash inside cards!!
    Have been doing this for years and get lots of thank you replies.
    Will check back for reply and address for donations.

    • JJ,
      I had no idea how much people dislike GoFundMe site. The go fund me page was my wife trying to got some money for My in-laws who lost everything in the flood and have nothing. If you send it by mail, please address it to Bob Cooley 5357 Apolo Rd. # 238 Scott, La 70583 I will get it with out a doubt and when I do, I will email you and let you know. I’m trying to come up with something I can do to show you my gratitude. Ideas are welcome. Thank you and God bless you and your family and thank you for helping me through this crisis. As always, you are greatly appreciated@



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