Video Monday: Top 10 LIES About Survival!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  In today’s Video Monday I have an excellent video for you about the  top ten lies about survival in the wilderness.  All of the lies he mentions directly relate to Preppers and surviving after SHTF.  The video is by  EverydayTacticalVids  and is one of the best I have found on the subject.  I want to thank them for allowing us to share their video with you today and if you get the chance, then, by all means, check some of their other videos.  Well, that is it for today and until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!



3 thoughts on “Video Monday: Top 10 LIES About Survival!”

  1. One to the point video Sarge! It is doubtful that any experienced outdoorsman has not run into
    “the 10 survival lies”, at one time or other. I spent years wilderness mountaineering the North Cascades, and more than one hard lesson was proof. Be prepared is a timeless motto.


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