Video Monday – Using a Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter!

Note to my readers: I apologize for the late start today, but my site was hacked over the weekend and I believe my web hosting company ( had something to do with it. At any rate my site has been repaired and after them dragging their feet, I suspect because I wouldn’t pay them $89 to sign up with their partner SiteLock , I am finely back up and running. Can anyone recommend a good reliable hosting company that handles Word Press? If so, please let me know. sucks and I am in the market for professional web hosting company that I can depend on to host my “” website. They must speak English though and not broken English like I ran into this morning! (So frustrating!)
If your Mondays are as crazy as mine, then you probably have trouble finding much time for reading on Mondays. I know that I certainly do. For this reason, I decided to share a short video on Mondays to help you get your Prepper fix and save a little time along the way. Today’s video on Using a Shipping Container as an Underground Shelter is the first of our Video Mondays and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you have a special video that you think would be a good fit here and the readers would like to see it then send me the information to and I will see what I can do about sharing it with everyone and promote the YouTube channel that it is on, in the process. The one today is from Wayne Martin and I think it has some great information on the subject. The video URL is ” Video Monday – Using a Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter!” incase you want to visit the site.  Great Job Wayne!  Until next time, keep on Prepping-The Sargent –


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  1. I know what you mean with broken English. I tried to get a cab one day to catch a flight to pick up a car in another state. The name of the cab company was, get this, THE American cab company, the dispatcher didn’t speak English go figure!!! I since believe that any company with American in it is foreign.


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