Video: How To Survive A Knife Attack (Urban Survival)

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  We all know that the chances of being attacked with a knife in any SHTF situation are pretty high, but however, you could also encounter a knife-wielding thug on the way to your car when leaving a theater or anyplace for that matter before SHTF hits.  The key is to know how to defend yourself when it happens because in many situations simp[ly running away is not an option.  Here is a great little video from Survival Lilly on some great ways to defend yourself whether your a man or a woman.  Let’s take a look and I hope you enjoy it.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.



Well, that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed it so until next time stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


1 thought on “Video: How To Survive A Knife Attack (Urban Survival)”

  1. I’m not the average brain dead sheep walking on the streets of the USA, you come at me with a Knife or Gun You will DIE or at the very lease Wish you could die to stop the pain. I hope that none of you ever have to deal with the issue of a Knife or Gun, I have and it’s not fun.


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