Vipertek 880 Stun Gun Review: Is The Mini Viper 880 Taser Reliable?

It is many people’s worst fear; being attacked without any form of weapon to defend yourself or your loved ones. Whether it’s in a remote area or the center of a city, feeling intimidated or threatened can be a terrifying experience when you have no means of self defense. 

By adding a compact stun gun to your EDC bag, preppers everywhere can feel fully prepared for when SHTF. Personal safety and security are a top priority for anyone but when you’re living off grid or preparing for emergency situations it has to be taken extremely seriously. 

For any preppers or survivalists who want a reliable self defense tool to give them protection in an emergency situation, it’s essential to find a stun gun to give you peace of mind. 

We understand you may be worried about wasting money on an unreliable or poorly designed stun gun that simply won’t keep you safe. We’ve thoroughly researched whether the VTS 880

could be the right stun gun for you and we’ve checked out the features that could help save you from an attacker.

Let’s take an in depth look at this product. 

An Overview Of The Vipertek VTS 880

The Vipertek VTS 880 is a small mini stun gun that you can easily hold in your hand. It’s very affordable and only costs around $10. 

The product is designed for self defense and it’s compact enough that you can either carry this in a large jacket pocket, or you can have it as an essential item in your EDC bag. 

The stun gun has many features including an internal rechargeable battery, non-slip rubber coating and a built-in LED flashlight. 

The VTS 880 emits a loud sound initially which should give your attacker a clear enough warning that they should get away fast. However you can be confident that if they do continue to threaten your safety, you have a means to defend yourself with the millions of volts of electric shock this stun gun delivers. 

Let’s take a look at some basic information to find out more: 

Vipertek VTS 880

Battery Life


Colors Available

Black /Pink


2 x 0.7 x 4 inches




Emits a loud sound - suitable for warning people off

How Does The Vipertek 880 Tasers Work?

There’s a simple ON/OFF power switch on the side of the stun gun. You can simply slide it up and forward to activate it. 

Firstly you can use the taser to emit a loud warning sound which should be enough to scare off some attackers. 

If the attacker continues you’ll need to get close enough to make contact with them. Try to find an area of their body where their skin is exposed or they are wearing light clothing. The Vipertek VTS 880 isn’t a heavy duty stun gun that works through any material so it’s best to target an area where you can have maximum effect. 

The VTS 880 will then fire two darts carrying a strong electrical current which will temporarily disable your assailant. The electric shock is strong enough that they will experience muscle spasms and are likely to fall off balance – thus stopping them from attacking you immediately. 


Now let’s take a look at some specific features and find out exactly how the VTS 880 works. We know that preppers and survivalists will want to make sure they buy the best equipment with features that can help keep them safe wherever they are. 

LED Light

The Vipertek VTS 880 has an LED light on the end of it which has 2 key uses. 

In an emergency situation, it can act as a mini flashlight to enable you to identify your attacker and to clearly see what you are doing. A vast number of attacks are carried out after dark so having a flashlight on your device will be an immediate advantage. 

The LED light also works as a power indicator to make you aware when the device needs charging up. 

Rechargeable Battery

When the device needs charging you won’t have to worry about constantly buying a new supply of fresh batteries. One of the big advantages of the VTS 880 is that it takes rechargeable batteries and has a built in plug. This means that you can always keep your VTS 880 fully charged and be prepared to use it whenever you need. 

Upon receiving your VTS 880 you should charge your device for approximately 6-8 hours. After this, it’s recommended that you charge it once a month for 1-2 hours to ensure it’s always fully charged and ready to be used. 

The device charges quickly and efficiently – adding to its reliability as an essential part of your EDC carry bag. 

Non-Slip Rubber Coating 

When you’re handling your stun gun you really need to be careful. One wrong move and you could end up giving yourself a debilitating electric shock whilst being attacked. 

This means that you need a stun gun that is easy to handle – and the non slip rubber coating on the VTS 880 is ideal. It also helps to keep the main body of your weapon free from oil or moisture. 


For such a small and well priced device you might not expect to get any additional accessories. However the VTS 880 comes with a holster that allows you to attach it easily to a belt or bag with a belt loop. 

Having your device securely stored in a holster means that it’s not only concealed and discreet, it’s also kept in a place that is easy for you to access when SHTF. 

What Is The Voltage On The Vipertek 880 Stun Gun?

The product claims to have 15 million volts but in our research we found the voltage output is 30 KV (30,000 volts) at the max. This is still enough to knock someone off their feet if you are ever in a dangerous situation and need to defend yourself ASAP.

The sizeable shock is definitely sufficient to completely incapacitate your attacker and 

knowing that you have this to hand can give you the confidence to walk freely at night, travel to remote locations and protect yourself whenever necessary. 

What People Have To Say About The Vipertek VTS 880 Stun Gun

We’ve summarized some of the most informative reviews of the Vipertek VTS 880 but you should also consider that VIPERTEK is one of the top manufacturers of stun guns in the US. It’s a household name in the world of self defense products and their reputation for high quality stun guns is good to consider. 

Here are some personal reviews of the product: 

“I am a real estate team leader and bought 3 of the black and 7 of the pink for the agents on my team. With all of the news about people attacking agents, I wanted my folks to have just a little more assurance that they may not ever see that problem occur with them.

I checked with a relative who is a police officer to see what he thought before I bought it and after talking to him I ordered it. 

Wow, I totally thought I’d get a gimmick type of toy “taser” but wow, I’m impressed. This is the real deal.”

Worthy Alternatives To The Vipertek VTS 880 Stun Gun

There are a few other alternatives you can buy if you find that the VTS 880 isn’t the model for you. 

You may want something even more discreet or you may be keen to get something more heavy duty if you feel you may need more protection. 

We’ve researched 2 alternatives for you to look at: 

Pain Pen

Streetwise Security Products offer this discreet and easy to conceal Pain Pen which really is the same size as an ordinary pen! You can keep it in your backpack, EDC bag, purse or even in your pocket as long as you’re careful. 

Pain Pen

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It also has a strong metal clip which allows you to attach it to the inside of a bag for quick and easy access in the event of an attack. 

The Pain Pen has a micro USB charging point which you can use to ensure your device is always fully charged whenever you leave the house. 

Stun Gun 

Available in pink, purple or black, the Fight Sense Stun Gun has a slightly brighter flashlight than the VTS 880 so you’ll be confident using this at night or in dark, shaded areas. With 380 Lumen it is extremely bright and has 3 different modes: Low, Turbo and Strobe. 

Fight Sense Stun Gun

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The stun gun is bigger than the VTS 880 at 7 inches long however it’s still compact enough for a small bag or purse. 

The Fight Sense Stun Gun is waterproof and crush proof so it’s a good option for if you’re planning to take it into the outdoors or use in the wild.

Are Vipertek Tasers Legal?

In most states in the United States, tasers such as the Vipertek VTS 880 are legal. 

It is your responsibility to check whether there are any restrictions on using them in your area and it’s essential that you do this before purchasing a taser. 

You do not want to risk breaking the law and facing prosecution for carrying or user a taser unlawfully. 


There are lots of great things about the Vipertek VTS 880. Buying from Vipertek gives you instant reassurance that you’re getting a high quality product from a trusted company. When it comes to stun guns and tasers, Vipertek has an excellent reputation and their customer service is impressive. 

The VTS 880 is superb value for money and paying just $10 gets you a huge number of useful features that will make this device easy and effective for you to use. There are lots of other stun guns and tasers out there that are much more expensive yet nowhere near as functional. 

Whichever model you choose, getting your self defense weapon sorted is something you need to do today. VTS 880 is a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a discreet and compact device to use in any location when SHTF.

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