Be the wall, not the Cannon!

“Be the wall and not the cannon!”,  something we all want to consider.  In today’s post, we are going to look at it and how it applies to prepping and why it is so very important!  Sit back, grab some coffee and let’s chat.

OK, so what exactly does this phrase mean?  Be the wall and not the cannon?  Well,

it’s something that my old Drill Sergeant used to tell us.  You see, cannons make a lot of noise and seldom do as much damage as you would hope.  On the other hand, a good strong tall wall stops things in their tracks.  It has one purpose and that is to keep the evil at bay.  You can do this by focusing on what you need to do and how to do it. Walls don’t need to make a lot of noise, they just need to stand strong and tall and do what they do best.

OK, so how does that apply to Preppers?  It’s simple really, when you are deciding what you will need to add to your preps, remember the wall.  You need things that will help you survive.  You need defensive preps and a little offensive ones.  Focus on holding your ground and not going off half cocked and trying to save the world.  Focus on you, your family and your group.  Your primary goal is to survive first and foremost, and not draw attention to yourself.  Attention will get you killed and the more people who know you are a Prepper and where your preps are, the more you are in danger.

Don’t be the Cannon!  As I said before, cannons make a lot of noise and seldom do as much damage as you hope.  Running around telling everyone that you are a Prepper and where you are storing your preps will simply get you killed when SHTF hits when the unprepared run out of food and supplies.  They will remember that you said that you were storing food and such and come looking for you.  This is not a good thing, as you cannot save everyone and will most likely wind up dead if you try to.

OK, so how do I find and meet other Preppers if I don’t let others know that I am one?  This is a common and recurring question.  Unfortunately there is no Prepper underground that you can join and get a secret ring that will identify you to other Preppers, as one of their own.  It just doesn’t work that way and you will need to be careful when exposing yourself to others.  In all honesty, it’s a very thin line to walk and a dangerous path to tread; you should always approach it with a great deal of caution.  Exposing yourself could be deadly, if the wrong person finds out, so be careful!

Now, having said that, let me also explain that there are ways to at least have an idea who you can trust so that you can meet other Preppers and form alliances, because no one will be able to survive SHTF on their own.  We all need friends and people we can count on especially in dark times.  Here are a few of the ways that I have found that work the best.  You could start by looking for groups that you have a common interest with, who work in fields that will be essential when SHTF hits.  Groups like ham radio clubs and gun clubs or hunting clubs for example.  Other groups, like people interested in herbal remedies or survival.  I have found that Preppers are attracted to these kinds of groups because it gives them the chance to practice skills that will be needed when it all falls apart.  Don’t talk about prepping, but rather about things the club is interested in, until you get to know a few of the members better.  You can start to feel them out and see who is of like mind, as you get to know them better.  I have met several Preppers this way and have built friendships that I hope will last the rest of my life.  It is very rewarding to know people who share your ideas, beliefs and can speak openly to about prepping.  It is these alliances and friendships that will help you to become the wall, when the time comes.  Remember that walls are not made of one solid piece of material, but rather several smaller pieces that form an impenetrable barrier, united in the same cause and goal.  Seek out other Preppers, but do it cautiously and become the wall, not the cannon!  Well that is it for today and I hope I have helped you to become a better Prepper in some small way, so until next time, Keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

5 thoughts on “Be the wall, not the Cannon!”

  1. Sarge, never said yelling or screaming. I meant to have it more like sometimes its good to be the hammer and sometimes its too to be the anvil. Hope you feel better my friend !!!

  2. I think you need to be both depending on the situation. Sometimes defense sometimes offense. Ideally stealth is the way to go but sometimes you have to takeout the enemy before he gets you. My Dad was a DI and told me don’t take no crap don’t give no crap. But if someone starts something finish it and win. I live by that rule and pretty much if you are seen destroying your opponent others don’t want to mess with you. Winning from example the less you have to fight. Example Japan did not attack the USA since ww2!!!

    • I understand what you are saying Thor. The idea here though is that a wall is a group of unified people where the cannon is a single person that makes more noise than anything else. A wall discourages confrontation, where the cannon encourages it. Now don’t get me wrong, Sometimes you just have to kick a little enemy butt. however, doing it covertly, will more often work to your favor. Special Forces teams don’t go in yelling and screaming, they go in, do what needs to be done and slip back out silently. This will instill more fear in your enemy than making noise ever could. Thanks for the comment my friend!


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