The War of 2016: Civil War that will shake the world!

Hello my friend and welcome back!  As I sat watching the Republican Convention on TV, I couldn’t help but think of how this is the beginning of the Second American Civil War and how it will affect not only the US, but the rest of the world as well.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

Even if you don’t live in the US, the 2016 Presidential election will no doubt impact your life.  Here in the US, we have many more freedoms than in most countries.  In my opinion, if Hillary Clinton wins, the US will continue its slow decent into Communism.   Under the Obama administration, we have seen much more of our freedoms eroded and our nation divided.  He has deliberately divided us by race, sex, religion and income.  The Hillary administration will simply be more of the same and worse.

In my opinion, if Trump wins, you will see that countries which have as of late, held tremendous sway over the US, find themselves on the outside.  Nations like Saudi Arabia and other Middle East nations, who have only had their own interest at heart and wanting to destroy us, while buying off American Politicians will be left in the cold.

Once again, we will see the return of supporting our Allies, while promoting Freedom and Human Rights.  Now, I do realize that it will be an uphill battle all the way for us to get there, and it will not come without a cost.  I believe that cost will be Civil War in America, regardless who wins this election.  American Patriots like me, will no longer stand by and watch as America is destroyed if Hillary Clinton wins, and the Democrats and Liberals have already said that they will take to the streets, in open warfare if Trump wins.

So where exactly does this leave us?  I think that the opening of the Republican Convention has marked the beginning of the War of 2016 and it will last for many years to come.  Our children, grandchildren and possible their children will pay the price if we fail and Communism wins.  This will be seen as the single most important election in American History, by the rest of the world.

I honestly believe that our Allies such as Israel, Japan, Australia, and European Nations will once again know the support and trust of the United States, if Trump wins.  If however, Hillary Clinton wins, you will no doubt see the US Alliances change to support the Islamic Countries of the Middle East.  If Hillary wins, the American people who rise up against the corrupt and Communist Government that is sure to come, will need the help of the World and our true Allies to succeed in winning back our Country and our Freedom.

Many people say that there is no way to rise up against such a powerful military, as the one the US has at home, but that’s not true.  The single largest armed army in the world is the American people who value their 2nd Amendment rights.  We are completely capable of going up against any army in the world, including our own and if Hillary wins this election, then the World will see it.

The Civil War of 2016 will be known as the time when the American people rose up to decide their own fate, and we will remember who helps us and who does not.  We cannot allow Freedom in America to die and we must fight for what we believe in.  In an election season of Trump vs. Clinton, the real battle will be Freedom vs. Communism and the results of this election will shake the world to its core!

We all need to prepare now, because there are dark times ahead for all of us.  This election may decide who the President of our County will be, but the American people will decide its future.

Well, that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!

-The Sargent-

17 thoughts on “The War of 2016: Civil War that will shake the world!”

  1. 110+ million gun owners. What an army of snipers that could be,and you are correct most of the military would stand down and join pro American forces. Us!!!

  2. I agree I have told my sons I felt this would happen in their lifetime but I now.believe it will be in mine I am a 60 year old vet and have since 2008 put back supplies we have four of everything I feel we may need. I have many military and X that have become law enforcement or fire fighters who have kept up physical training and firearms training. This has gone on across the country and these with other patriots and I think with the majority of the US Military will make a force that th.. currant Democratic party can not stop, remember they are the peaceful ones who don’t like guns and must hire protection. I am new to prepping but could put 10 men in field with equipment and supplies for year I am sure there are more like me. I know my Sooner and Texas friends are ready. FOR MY GRANDKIDS!!!!

  3. good post sargent. I agree with you on this. Mike forgot that most of us are trained Veterans that froght in wars . And the veterans that didn`t go to war are still highly trained,

  4. Interesting topic and I completely agree that this is the most important election since Abe Lincoln. With regard to civil war, I think that we’ll have our hands full dealing with our own citizens who are unprepared and totally dependent on federal support. I don’t believe that we will be able to depend on our “allies” because they will be busy dealing with their own threats and survival The civil war that I envision will not just be the USA but eventually the whole world. In short, if you haven’t been preparing for the near future, you may be way too late.. “Hope” is not a plan.

  5. Well we could get the USA out of debt in one year! Stop ALL money going to foreign countries for one year. They say people starving in those countries, well we have the same here. Why don’t we get our people and our refrigerator full before we fill our SO call friends. Stop paying them to be our friends. Cut the money off and see how much of a friend they are!!!

  6. Hey Sarg – I agree with your overall premise but take issue with your use of ‘our Allies’. ‘Our Allies’?
    Oh, you mean the European Nations, et. al., whose contribution to any coalition was to send 25 pastry chefs for the green zone. Yes, those nations who make up NATO equipped with 5 tanks each equipped with rear view mirrors so they can watch the conflict. Those nations who have disarmed there people, payed them off with generations of entitlements creating a soft and slovenly population.
    Actually, we have but one Allie and we’ve been screwing them for decades regardless of which party is in the White House.
    My family, friends, and I will vote for Trump despite his known history because we have hope for his potential future leadership. But,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    There is a third scenario which involves our once great country as it pertains to destiny. The United States of America was founded as ‘One Nation Under God’, and our rise to super power status is a result of the documents which formed this republic. We have turned our back on God as a nation. The murder of roughly 60 million innocent unborn Americans is one example. I contend that a patriotic uprising is long overdue and most likely to late now.
    In closing, what if a national collapse is our destiny.
    Good prepping.

    • One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all… This is our destiny. I pray every night that God will return us to being the Nation that we set out to be and return to our Christian roots as we promised we would.

  7. sorry but if the american general public try to stand up against the army they will be slaughtered. well trained soldiers know how to assault obstacles when they have the advantage and when to call in artillery or air support when they dont. hope it does not come to that. if it does the majority of the population will be stripped of their arms first anyway.

    • Mike, I strongly disagree with you on this. You say that the Military will have the advantage? I believe that history has shown us that just isn’t true. Just look at what the people of Afghanistan did when the mighty Russian Army attacked them. What about the American Military in Iraq? Hit and run tactics have always trumped trained Military forces. Trained forces tend to be too rigid and lack the fluidity of a Guerilla fighting force. The local people also know the land and can use it to their advantage. Some of the greatest tactical experts in the world are not a part of the military any longer and would be fighting along side the American People. Add t this the thousands of US Veterans who will also be working with the people to help secure our nation from the tyranny we now face. In my humble opinion, I honestly believe that you have greatly underestimated the American people and our resolve to save our country and preserve our freedom. Only history will show which one of us is right and I do appreciate your input on this post. 🙂

      • well i only ever made it to private in in the new zealand army reserves so i cant pull rank. i have been following what is going on in america with some interest as america leads the western world in most respects. i have long discussions with people from america who dont seem to have any idea of what is actually happening there. people only seem to care about earning money to buy stuff. nothing else seems to matter. there is an efficient transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to the upper 5% the 2008 mortgage housing crisis turned home owners into renters and many into homeless. the middle class is disappearing. the rich are becoming very rich and the masses are relying more and more on welfare. people are completely controlled by debt. household debt and the 19 trillion national debts are staggering. the economy runs on debt, when people have no more borrowing capacity the economy will falter. interest rates are near zero and stimulus spending is all that can be done to keep things turning over. i believe there is going to be more and more civil unrest that will lead to americans being restricted on firearm ownership. it is probably inevitable the way things are going. every time there is a mass shooting more and more pressure is put on firearm confiscation. by the time it comes to americans verses military civilians will be out gunned.

        • Mike, you have to remember that the military all have civilian family. Many, many will refuse to shoot at their own people. The military might well fall apart when most of their troops disappear to return to their families.


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