War clubs and weapons you can make yourself that will make others think twice about challenging you!

Hello, my friend and welcome back! One of my readers emailed me a picture of a War Hammer he made from things he had lying around his garage.  I have to tell you, this thing looked really wicked and that is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

War hammers and such are pretty cool, I think. I now for a fact they can be intimidating as hell, too. Just imagine facing a big man in battle and suddenly realizing he has a large baseball bat, with nails sticking out of it and a saw blade protruding from the top. At this point the word of the day becomes “Extreme Caution”.

Or a war hammer that has been made from a large sledge hammer with a meat grinder on the back side would not be something you want to see. Getting a beat down with any of these would surly prove fatal. Here is the thing though; you could make yourself some of these with common objects that you can probably get cheap or free.

GO to any junk yard and there are some things you are sure to find. Old iron gears, old bicycle parts and pieces of metal pipe.  With any of these items you can easily make one yourself.  Bicycle sprockets make a mean club when you cut off the pedal part and just have a sprocket shoved into the end of an old baseball bat.

When it comes down to it, the meaner you can make it look, the better it is. A big part of any combat is making your opponent believe you have the upper hand and that they don’t a chance to win.  If you’re successful, they will second guess everything they do and usually spend more effort on defending themselves than attacking you and will usually run at the first opportunity.

I recommend that you start with a good solid baseball bat, a hickory axe handle or a good solid piece of iron pipe. Once you have decided on you base, you can build from there.  Just remember that it doesn’t need to be complicated, just scary and capable of doing maximum damage when used.

A friend of mine BC Truck has made a few videos on creating war hammers, by starting with an old claw hammer. When he finished with it, I know I would think twice before tackling anyone with it in their hand.  There is just no way are you going to come out of a confrontation with that thing without losing some serious skin.

You can make a war hammer out of just about anything, with a little imagination. There is just one thing that you really need to consider…. IF it gets taken away from you, it could be used against you.  Make sure whatever you make, has a good wrist strap to allow you to maintain control of it.  Just for the record, blood is very slippery when you get it on your hands and feet.

You may want to get some good non-slip tape and wrap around the handle of your creation. Like I said, in the beginning, the meaner it looks, the better off you are.  Feel free to decorate it up with things like fake cutoff fingers, hair or feathers, or whatever fits your fancy.

Use your imagination and with a little practice you too will be making weapons of war for yourself.

Now I know that this one is a little short, but I’m going to add some images of examples of homemade weapons at the bottom of this page to help you get started.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared. God Bless America!




4 thoughts on “War clubs and weapons you can make yourself that will make others think twice about challenging you!”

  1. Hey sarge, don’t forget that the design should be as heavy duty and rugged as it is deadly. There’s no point in building a war club that breaks when needed the most..Striking something hard should not hurt the hands,
    so, weight is vital to absorb a heavy blow.

  2. Circular saw blades and an axe handle can be turned into formidable battle axes with just a little bit of time,effort and basic components found in most garages or work shops. I built a forge and I’m now into making knives as well as medieval battle weapons.


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