We are on High Alert!

We are on high Alert here in the US.  Not only from threats of terrorist, but our own Government as well.  It is not beyond our Communist President to create a false flag just so he can punish the American people for taking away the Governments right to openly snoop on innocent Americans.  For this reason, we all need to be very aware of our surroundings and maintain a high state of situational awareness this 4th of July.  In a recent article on FOX News the FBI said there is no specific credible threat, but the very nature of the holiday poses an opportunity to strike at the American people.  They are concerned enough they claim, that they are setting up command centers around the US just to be ready in case something happens. (Do they know something we don’t?)  This is also true of our Government and I wouldn’t put it past them at all.  Obama’s deep-seated hatred for the American people has came out in the open as he is doing everything in his power to destroy this land that we love.  As Preppers we need to be aware of this and take action now incase the worst happens.

Some people believe that Obama tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston a few months ago, and three admirals and generals stopped him. He was trying to create a false flag event and didn’t care how many people he killed.  As a result, those Admirals, Generals and many other good people have been removed from the Military by Obama and we are once again in a dangerous position.  Let me say very frankly that I would not put it past this administration to try to nuke another American town, just to be able to take more of our rights away from us in the name of “protecting us”.  Every red blooded American person should be concerned about this threat.  Use of an EMP against the US population this holiday is not beyond consideration.  As a result, you should place survival critical electronics in Mylar bags and then place then inside some type of insulated metal container just to be on the safe side.

Other things to be aware of are car bombs in crowded parking lots and Malls that have become the calling card of ISSIS.  These are things that terrorist are very good at and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few lone wolfs tried it.  I would suggest that you avoid crowded buildings and parking lots if possible.  If you do need to be in such a situation, then I suggest that you carry a weapon of some kind to defend your self should the need arise.  Be aware of the people that are around and watch for individuals and items that appear to be out of place.  If you spot someone or something then by all means let someone know.  It could actually save peoples lives and help protect this great Country of ours.

Don’t forget to stock up on Fireworks for your Preps too.  We need to remember that Terrorist have the same access to fireworks that we do and they can be used to make IEDs for attacks against us. Remain vigilant and on high alert this 4th of July for everyone’s sake.  Have your preps ready and be prepared to take action when and if the need arises.  Whatever you do, do not let the threat of attacks prevent you from enjoying and celebrating this Independence Day.   They can not be allowed to win.  Well that is it for today, so please stay vigilant and keep on prepping!

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