We have been betrayed!

We have been betrayed!  This last election we made our voices heard by voting Republican so as to let our Government know that we are tired of being ignored and that we are no longer willing to have our freedoms trashed by the Right Wing Liberals.   Our hope was that the Republican Party would step up and stand with the American People; however this was not to be the case.  I would seem the only thing that has changed is the name of the majority party in Congress.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have sold out the American People just as the Democrats have done.  John Boehner is currently doing his best to ram the new Fast Track Trade Bill for President Obama down the throats of the American People knowing that the People do not want a President to have these powers.  We understand that giving one person too much power is dangerous.  The Constitution was designed to prevent this from happening and the Republican Party, just like the Democrats are completely ignoring it.  John Boehner is trying to line his own pockets, that’s a given.  Why else would he go directly against the wishes of the American people?  His behavior since he was re-elected is nothing short of Shameful!  We have been betrayed!

Mitch McConnell has gone a step farther by trying to push the renewal of the Patriot Act through Congress before it expires on May 31, 2015.  The Patriot Act gives the Government the right to knowingly violate so many of our Constitutional rights.  The purpose of it, as we were told, was to prevent Terror attacks on Americans by allowing our Government to monitor our communications in hopes of stopping these attacks.  However, 14 years later, not a single terror attack has been stopped by using this data!  Not a single one, Nada, zero, zilch!  The only possible use the Government could have for wanting this data would be to use it against the American People in the form of Gun registration, and Marshal Law.  We have been betrayed!

Mitch McConnell knows this full well and yet, he continues to try to shove it down our throats. He has sold out to the Liberal Progressives in order to line his own pockets with money from those seeking to do away with the 2nd Amendment and instill a different kind of Government.  He has gone so far as to recall Congress on a Sunday (May 31, 2015) to try once more to get it passed.  He is a traitor to the American people and a National embarrassment.   He is the perfect example of a crooked Politician.  He is drunk with power and is following his own agenda.  We have been betrayed!

If the states that elected these two men had any pride or love for America, they would recall them and re-elect someone with morals and a healthy regard for the American Constitution.  These men are what we call “RINOS”.  They are Republicans in name only!  They have no regard for the American People or the US Constitution; they are Traitors to the American People of the worst kind and need to be put in prison for their crimes.  It would seem as though the only thing they hold dear is their pocket books.  They must be stopped and liberty restored.  We have been betrayed!

We the American People need to send a strong message to Washington to make sure the Politicians understand that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.  We can do this be recalling Politicians’ who betray the will of the American People.  Each state needs to step up and recall these people when they no longer act in our best interest and replace them with someone that does.  This is the only way will we ever hope to regain our Constitutional rights that have been stolen from us. We must say in one clear voice that we will NOT be betrayed again and there is a price to be paid by those that do.

God bless America!

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