What is a Woobie and is it Military?

What is a Woobie and is it Military?  This is a question that many really don’t know the answer to, so I thought that on today’s Video Monday that I would hopefully answer this question.  Let me just say that I already have one and I am getting ready to order a few more.  These are great and are also known as poncho liners, though they are used for everything under the sun when in the field.  If you don’t have any, then I strongly advise that you get at least a couple for your Preps.  Here is where I got the one that I uses and I love it.  It is light weight and warm and with the coming winter you will enjoy them all year as well.  Just be sure to get the Military ones and not the cheap Chinese knock offs.  They are well worth the investment as you will see.  I found this on YouTube, on the HamBeau’s Channel and the guy does a really good job of explaining what they are and how they are used.  Enjoy and don’t forget to visit them and give them a like on YouTube!

-The Sargent-


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