What is Renewable Bartering?

BarteringWhat is Renewable Bartering?  Simply put it is bartering with items that you can keep replacing.  This includes items such as food that you grow and items that you make from wood or other items that can be easily acquired.  In this post, I am going to talk about a few items that you may not have thought of.  We will also be looking at considerations when bartering these items.  After all, if you barter with things such as ammunition, you will eventually run out of bullets and then where would you be? Of course, all of this does depend on your abilities and how you want to spend any precious spare time you may have. Now let’s get started!

Grow Unique Food Items

Everyone will be growing their own food and will have things in their garden that they like to eat. However, some will also grow things like Ginger and other items that most people will not know how to or even think to grow. So when someone wants Ginger, they will need to barter with that person, thus creating a renewable source for bartering. Think specialty food items. Maybe there is a particular herb that you like to grow that is not common, or vegetables that are high in vitamins that most people would not think to grow. Fruit trees are another food that would have a high value when bartering because they take so long to become established and start producing fruit. They also have a limited season, so if someone wants the fruit, they will be forced to make a deal during that time. Look for items that most people either do not know how to grow, or do not know want to bother growing as bartering items for SHTF.

Make Unique Products

Unique products are another area where you might gain a bartering advantage. Just remember that the items needed to make the product must be things that you have an infinite supply of. In this section, you could consider making things like herbal medications and oils that others do not have access too. Things like making a root beer concentrate that could be bartered as food and drink flavorings. Many people do not know that it is made from boiling down the roots of the Sassafras tree in the fall. If you have ever made sassafras tea then you know that it is where the root beer flavoring comes from. The same leaves of these trees are ground up to make gumbo filet seasoning that is used in many Southern Gumbos and soups. Just knowing the origins of many common items can give an edge when it comes to bartering. Things like you can get aspirin by boiling down the dried bark of the Willow tree. Educate yourself now so that when the time comes, you will know what others do not.

Offer Unique Services

Wood Products such as chairs and tables will always be in demand and knowing how to make them can go a long way in your survival. Now, I don’t mean using power tools to make them. I mean using simple hand tools and pegs to construct strong, quality items that will last a long time. Other items in this group might be wooden traps and cages as well as constructing buildings for people and animals. Tanning hides is another service that will be in high demand, as well as making items out of the tanned hides.  Everything from walking canes to wooden plates will also be needed. Blacksmith services is another service that will be in high demand.  Use your imagination and educate yourself, collect the tools you will need and then practice, practice, practice.    Just remember that the quality of your products and services will be what set’s you apart from the others.

Create Unusual or hard to find Items

Things that might fall in this category are handmade Cigars and Tobacco items that you grow yourself. Tobacco can be grown in most areas but the trick is to have the seeds to grow it. These can be purchased on the internet and stored in sealed in Mylar Bags  and can be stored for a couple of years. The trick will be not lettting anyone else in your area get their hands on your seeds otherwise they will simply grow their own. Mixing Tobacco and rolling cigars is an art, but it can be learned. Start learning now how and what type of tobacco to grow by growing a few plants in containers or your garden. Tobacco products will always be in big demand especially with all of the stores being closed. It is something others may not think of and can give you a big advantage after SHTF hits.

Well, I hope I have given you a few unique ideas on how to create your own renewable bartering items. The trick is to know things that others do not commonly know, or things that others either do not know how to do or do not have the time and inclination to learn. Just remember that when it comes to bartering, you will want to have something that is different from what everyone else does. You also need to try to be sure it is something that you can duplicate over and over with the items you have or grow. Once you can do this, you will be well on your way to creating a the ability to barter for the things you need on a regular basis. Until next time, keep on prepping!



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