What’s in a name? (Operation Jade Helm)

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Well there is a lot of talk lately about Jade Helm and theories about exactly what it is about.  I even read an article today on Consciously Enlightened.com about a 16 year Marine Veteran that resigned when he received his orders for Jade Helm.  The Marine reportedly called his Uncle and said ” Uncle, I ain’t going to do this Shi* to American People!”.

Now I don’t know about you but I find that very frighting.  Especially when you consider that the Marine has been deployed 7 times and is no stranger to battle.  I only hope that there are more like him.  This is the kind of men and woman we need in our armed forces.  People who truly understand what they are there to defend.  People with a moral campus and are not afraid to do what is right no matter the personal cost.

Now as an Army Veteran myself, I can honestly tell you that I do believe that this is the case with most of our Military men and women.  What is troubling is that I also believe that there are many in the Military that will go along to get along regardless of what there orders are.  I guess some people are just wired that way or they have been brain washed to believe that the Military is always right.  Other than that, I have no other explanation as to why they would follow orders when they know that they are morally wrong.

I decided to look up the words “Jade” and “Helm” to see if there was something in the name that might shed more light on what is actually going to take place with the operation.  Dictionary. com defines “Jade” as a Green Mineral that is often carved and it is also a reference for the color Green.  Now let’s look at the word “Helm”.  Dictionary. com defines it a Nautical term meaning ” steering apparatus “.  together they 2 would be “Green Steering apparatus” .  Not very useful.

Then I decided to check the Merriam Webster Dictionary.  It defines “Jade” as “a :  to wear out by overwork or abuse  b :  to tire or dull through repetition or excess”  and “Helm” as “a position of control  or Direct Control”  Now we are getting somewhere!  The 2 put together and I think, it would mean would mean:  “To abuse or dull through repetition and direct control”.  This is starting to make a lot more sense now.

  If you think about it, it would be a perfect name for a Marshal Law Operation.  To wear the people down through direct control.  In all fairness, I must admit that the names given to Military Operations and exercises do not always  reflect the true intent of the Operation, but there is usually some reference in the name.  An example of this would be “Operation Enduring Freedom”. While it did not reflect to true intention of the Operation, it did reference the underlining goal.

At this point I think it is at least fair to say that the name “Jade Helm” alone should be enough to raise concern about the true intention and goal of the exercise.  For the US to even perform an exercise on American soil with a  name that would suggest that they were trying wear down the people through direct control should set off alarm bells for every American Citizen.

The next part of this puzzle is to look at the tag line for the Operation.  “To dominate the human domain!”.   Wow!  That is scary all by itself.  What exactly does that mean?  To me it sounds like they want to dominate the  People.  I find that very unsettling.  What’s more, when we put it all together, we get an exercise that seeks to Dominate the people and ware them down through direct control.  Can we say Marshal Law?

I must admit that when all of this started, I had believed that it was little more than an exercise and nothing to be concerned about.   However, given the information that has come forwarded and this analysis of the name of the operation, I now have to ask myself if our Government is planning to take control from “We the People”.

In summary, I now believe that every American should be concerned about the Jade Helm exercise and should prepare for Marshal law by stockpiling supplies and voicing their concerns with their state Representatives.  We need to form local support groups and make plans just incase.  Just remember that there are a lot more of “We the People” than there are Military, and if they try to take control then we must fight back and let them know that we will not stand idly by and let them take our freedom.  God bless America!

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