When good men do nothing!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmond Burke

As I sat watching the terrorist attacks in Paris, all I could think of was the poor French citizens of Paris that are paying for the mistakes that their Government has made.  Welcoming the terrorist into their country with open arms.  Ignoring the obvious threat that they represent to the people of France.  My heart goes out to them because their government has failed them. My thoughts and prayers are with them in this time of need.

Here in the U.S. our government has failed us as well by ignoring all of the warnings and refusing to see the truth of things.  The attack in Paris is partially our fault as well.  Our leaders failed to admit that ISIS is at war with ALL free people and to step up to the plate to eliminate them.  Our pansy of a President lacks the courage and conviction of a real man, to do what is necessary to eliminate this threat.  What has happened in France is soon to be a fate shared by many in other countries around the world.  Unless someone steps up and eliminates this threat, we are sure to see it here on the streets of the US as well.

So what can we do you ask?  Write your Governor, write your Congressman, and your State Representatives and tell them to be silent no more!  Silence is consent and we do not consent to what is happening.  Tell them you expect them to take decisive action to stop the influx of these so-called “Refugees” and you want them out!  Tell them you want ISIS eliminated from the face of the earth.  Use every method at your disposal to raise your voice because together we can put an end to the Muslim ISIS Terrorist and their kind.  If we don’t we will all pay a heavy price.  It is time to wake up America and the world to what is actually going on before it is too late.

Arm yourselves and prepare for battle on the streets of every non-Muslim country in the world.  It is coming and your only hope is to be ready for it.  Buy guns, ammunition, knives and anything else you can find to defend yourself with.  You will need it in the dark days ahead.  We have not seen the end of this, and it will happen again, if something is not done soon to stop them.  I pray for our safety and the safety of the world, but unless we do something, unless we stop being silent, ISIS will only get stronger.   Until tomorrow, God bless the people of Paris and the rest of the world as we continue to face this threat.

-The Sargent-


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  1. We are importing terrorists while we are having our government trying to disarm us!!! What does that tell you? Traitors are amongst us and it will not stop until we have a patriot running this place. The illegals get driver licences isn’t that aiding and abeding a known fugitive also printing fake I’d is a felony.


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