When the unexpected happens, will you be ready to bring your preps with you?

Hello my friend and welcome back!  Last August the area of the US was hit with heavy rains and historic flooding.  Because my home has never flooded, I didn’t consider the possibility of flood.  This resulted in me having only 45 minutes to leave my home and many of my preps.  This is the subject of today’s post So grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

Last august when the foods came, we were forced to leave our home with only what we could carry in 45 minutes.  This was something completely unexpected as many of my preps were stored on shelves and trying to find a way to load them all up within a few minutes was impossible to say the least.

This got me started wondering what I would do if something unexpected happened, how could I bring most of my peps with me I a short time?  Would it even be possible?  After doing a lot of thinking on the subject, I finally came up with a solution.  It may not be right for everyone, but it works for me.

My solution was to remove the shelves and place much of my preps in a plastic foot lockers that I purchased from a local sporting goods store for about $20 each. The upside is that they can be quickly loaded into the back of a truck should I need to leave in a hurry, the down side is that you must open them and remove the contents to do inventory and check for expired products. I decided it was worth the effort.

This works great for food and medical supplies, but not for everything.  The thought did occur to me that it could be possible that I may not even have the time to load these, so what else could I do to prepare for this event?  My answer was to use medium sized duffle bags and backpacks to keep a portion of all my supplies.  I placed a piece of tape on the outside and labeled them as to their contents. 

A note of caution, be careful about how much you put in them.  Over filling them can make them hard to carry so you must be careful.  Ideally you want to be able to carry them with one hand without over loading yourself.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I would never keep all my preps in one place and in fact I have them spread out around the area where I live.  The advantage of doing it may way, is if one cache were to be in danger of getting damaged, I could quickly load them up and move them on a moment’s notice.

If you’re like me, then you have spent a good portion of your income on preps, so it only makes good sense to take great care to prevent using them from being lost.  Even things that you would never expect to happen can and do, so be smart about your peps so you will have them when you need them.

I know this is a really short post, but I’m afraid I’m feeling a little under the weather today and I hope you will understand.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


11 thoughts on “When the unexpected happens, will you be ready to bring your preps with you?”

  1. I have my home with 1 year of food and preps. I have a 10×30 car hauler covered trailer that holds 3 years of everything I need to survive except for water. (If I just left with this I am good.) Then I have a third trailer at property in Oregon which I got for $4,000 for an acre. This trailer is a 5×10 and holds about 6 months of food.

  2. This concerns me as well. Wildfires are our big threat here in Idaho & most of the time you have a little warning but not always. I think you have a good idea here but I’m an old lady so I will have to find a size I can lift into a truck. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Sarge, good thought. I was almost in a similar situation once, never even thought of flood. It happened, luckily my house was high enough on the hill that it didn’t get flooded. When I went to work the rain was relentless, but I still made it in. Coming home was a different story. There was a most around my neighborhood, no access in. I did exactly what you did.

  4. Good planning. We also live in an area not flooded in recent history, but have learned to never , say never. Having a cache placed high, in insulated place might be optional as well.We have to build every structure on our new property, except the building re-purposed to a house..These are things to consider as we place buildings, including their height and building methods used to errect.


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