When they come for your guns and food!

Hello my friend and welcome to today’s post. With Obama and the Democrats doing everything they can to abolish the 2nd Amendment, as well as issuing Executive Orders that would allow the Federal Government to confiscate any stored food you may have in a disaster, we should all be worried! To make it even worse, Obama can declare an emergency for pretty much anything he wants. In today’s post, we are going to take a look at what we can do when they show up at our door demanding our guns and food, so grab a cup of coffee, and sit back while we have a chat.

I suppose that as Preppers, we all pretty much see it coming, and know it is only a matter of time before it happens. Despite what the Government may say, they know exactly who has guns and who are Preppers. Many people try to hide the fact that they are Preppers, and that is as it should be. The trouble however, is that the government can look at any purchases that you may have made for large amounts of dried food or supplies that are common to Preppers. While you may be hiding it from you friends and neighbors, you can bet you are not hiding it from the authorities, and when the time comes they will be knocking on your door. That is if they bother to knock at all. It is inevitable and you need to prepare for it now!

So what exactly can you do now to prepare for it? There are actually many ways and things that you can do. For example, hide your Preps so that they can’t find them. Like hiding canned goods in sealed PVC pipe and placing them in your walls so they look like plumbing pipes. Vacuum sealed dry goods, can be stored in caches underground, or between the rafters in your home and covered with insulation. Trust me, they are not going to want to mess with fiberglass insulation just to see if there is any food hiding under it. Just like the pipes in the walls will seem completely normal if they look.   While there are many great books on the market for finding hiding places, just look around and see what you can come up with. If your house is lifted off of the ground, then you may want to consider burying caches of food and supplies there. You will always want to leave a small supply of food in your home that they could find so they don’t go looking for the rest. You need to start working on this now so that when the time comes, the walls won’t be freshly painted or the ground looks like it was disturbed recently. You want any traces of what you have done to be invisible to others.

Now on to hiding your guns and knives. First off, like food, you will want to leave something for them to find like a cheap 22 rifle and some ammunition for them to find. When they do find it, make a big deal that it is all you have for hunting with and feeding your family when food gets hard to come by. If they ask where your other guns and ammunition are, simply tell them that you sold them because you needed the money or didn’t want them because of the new gun laws. The idea is to convince them that the one 22 is all you have left and beg them to leave it. This will help convince them to stop searching for any more and leave you alone. So where exactly do you keep them? Well certainly not in the gun safe in your bedroom that is for sure. There are all kinds of furniture on the market to let you hide them so they cannot be easily found. I’m sure you could come up with a few ideas of your own so they are safe and well protected while being available as well. I know several people who use large PVC pipe to store some of their weapons in and after they are sealed they bury their guns in their back yard to hide them. Now, if you live in south Louisiana like I do, this is not such a good idea. First good rain and I would have a bunch of PVC pipe floating in my back yard. I think I will look for a dryer place to store mine like inside pieces of furniture and behind book shelves. I am sure I can come up with a few good ideas for places to keep them. The point is to get ready now and not wait until they are knocking on your door to try to figure out where to hide them. Start now and be prepared for when they come and you will be glad you did. Well, that is it for today’s post and I want to thank you for stopping by and spending a little time with me. Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

16 thoughts on “When they come for your guns and food!”

  1. I reckon I’m just an old redneck Sarge. I am in my early 50’s and have survived two close contact firefights in 30 years. I do realize that overwhelming numbers of up armored LEO’s can take me out but will not go quietly into the the night. My Scottish ancestors stood and fought at Concord. I want to honor them by resisting an infringement of my rights. This sounds bold to most persons reading this site but I will stick with conviction and diligence. Come and try to take my food stores or my weapons. Try to intimidate my neighbors. Try to take our land. You will not like the end result and I’m sure we here in fly over country will resist in a unexpected fashion. We ARE NOT urban dwellers who expect the police or state to protect them. We semi rural persons are plain spoken and friendly but will protect themselves with vigilance and appropriate response.

    However, there are few of us. I am not optomistic.

    Perhaps it’s time for the fly over country to secede from the coasties and form our own union? I could for see a Union of Midwestern and Southern states coming together and forming a new Articles of Confederation whereby we have limited Federal control for taxation, protection from outside invaders ( where we pull together) and provide trade between our new country to foster trade and prosperity. Tremendous!

    Most ignorant people ( re public educated ) don’t even realize the Great War of Oppression of 1861 ( Civil War ) was due to the heavy taxation and oppression of the agricultural South. They ( the indoctrinated school kids ) have been taught for 80 years that the War of Northern Aggression was about slavery.

    Not true. It was about power and control from the Federal Guv because some of the most prolific slave owners were black and willingly sent their slaves to fight the Union.

    I’m not sure because I wasn’t there at that time but my opinion is based on research.

    I can only hope and pray. I will fight for my sisters and brothers who want a better and more significant life for our kids.

    Be blessed this year my friends!

    Snake Plisken

  2. Wrong, they already did it during Katrina. Wake up from the Kool Aid Stupor. They will have dogs that smell guns too. Hiding them IN your house will not work. A cache of some sort. During Marshal Law they’ll do what they want. So will we. Where are their bunkers? Just sayin’

  3. I agree we need to stand up and stand together. If neighbors protect each other, this won’t happen. The cost needs to be so high, they will step back. If they show up at my neighbors, I will be one helping explain what ‘no infringement of any kind’ means.

  4. No one is coming to take your guns . fear tactics as the NRA uses increases memberships so they can pay their president 1.2 million dollars a year. Think about it.

  5. When they come for my family, my guns, or my food, they will get a face full of bullets. If enough Americans have this attitude, the government can’t do it. Stand up !

  6. This is scary if enacted a federal judge would be able to rule if you are competent to own a firearm. It could be used to prevent any discharged military person from owning a firearm due to PTSD. It can be claimed that any former military person who was in combat has some form of PTSD but this could be used for police and other first responders. This is not good.

  7. So true Sargent! Bernstein, who came into New Orleans to stop them from taking their guns away? I didn’t even know about it until after it happened and hearing of the poor souls that became victims. Plus, what could I do to help?

  8. Living in South Louisiana (near Kaplan), I agree with the floating PVC pipes! Also the retched humidity plays hell with rust on a firearm.

  9. Guns are entrenched into our society so it’s impossible for them to be removed. No one man or governing body can remove or ban the sale of guns. If this ever happened, the government will have a bigger problem on their hands with the black market selling these weapons unregulated. That’s how alcohol was, how marijuana is, and how guns will be.

    Obama and the Democrats aren’t trying to take away guns. All gun proponents like to make that slippery slope argument. Making it harder to acquire a gun should not affect any law abiding citizen like us. If you got in trouble which denies you the right to buy a gun after this order, well tough luck. You can blame the system but realize that we live in an adaptable world. Cause and effect. When more events related to gun violence and mass shootings occur…and constantly hit national news, understand that some action will happen.

    Also understand this. All violence won’t be solved by this. Shootings will still happen and unauthorized people will still find a way to get a weapon. Stricter laws on gun control is a long term effect. Despite this, a shooting will occur within a few months and people will fall out and say “See? The laws changed nothing!”. There’s always a big picture and I’m against all the conspiracy related to a ban on guns. It’s impossible. The thought of it incurs serious backlash from the community. Everyone knows.

    So relax. Following the law. Don’t do stupid stuff. Stricter gun laws are designed for people that do stupid stuff. Good thing this law isn’t for us right?

    • Here is my concern… Who gets to decide who gets a gun or not? Is the fact that you are former Military enough to stop you from getting a gun? If they decide to stop anyone that is on the no-fly list from owning a gun, then you will have people denied the right to own a gun simply because their name sounds like someone else’s or someone with the same name is on the list. Given the record of our Government and especially this President, simply saying “if you don’t break the law, then you don’t have anything to worry about” is probably not a true statement.
      -The Sargent-

    • YOU ARE SO FULL OF CRAP ! I spent all most 10 years in the USMC willing to give my life for my country,i then made some bad choices and went to prison. i ascept that.i do not acept the fact that i all ready did my time. so why cant i have a gun now .our bill of rights does not say except any where in then .to be honist every one how wrote them were crimales . and wanted by england! 99.9% of crimes commited with a gun was not done with a so called regersterd gun to that person. yes maybe i cant have a gun, but its not really about me its about what i was willing to give my life for in the USMC. its called freedom ! ! ! and not only have i lost some (my falut ) BUT YOU ALL ARE LETTING THEM (gov.) TAKE YOURS TOO! ! ! sorry for my spelling, not very good at it ,

      • I totally agree with you on your point . I was in law enforcement and I believe they you do your time it’s done. With some exception as violent criminalso child rapists or rapists. But I do agree and I think it should be as the 1800s and everyone carry because it wasn’t as wild in the wild west as the movies show.

      • I also agree that a man should not be labeled for life because of his past.
        A man might suffer from alcoholism (a disease), he might make some bad choices because of his alcoholism, but that is not all that he is. People often overcome things such as alcoholism and become great!
        Thank you for your service sir.


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