Are you a Wolf, a Sheepdog or a sheep?

God morning my friend and welcome back!  Are you a Wolf, a Sheepdog or a sheep?  Now I know that sounds like a strange question, but it could determine your chances for survival in the long run.  It is also the topic for today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

I guess I should start by explaining what I mean by a Wolf, Sheepdog or a Sheep.  I tend to think of people as falling into one of these three groups.  I learned early on in life that some people tend to run toward trouble, while others run away from it.  Just for the record, I personally tend to run towards it and that will, in the long run, affect my chances for survival.

Let us start with a Sheep.  In my mind, Preppers who are a sheep are the ones who will go hide out and hope they are not found.  When they are found, they will just surrender because they are afraid of getting hurt or dying.  While few will want to admit it, there are actually quite a few who, despite their loud bolstering, will simply surrender.  They simply don’t have it in them to fight back and risk being hurt.  They are much like the sheep hiding in the back corner of a field shaking and afraid.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope for these types of Preppers.  They mean well, and can’t help it, but their fear will lead to their own destruction.  Sheep run away from trouble.

OK, so what is a Sheepdog?  A Sheepdog is someone who will gladly lay down his own life to protect others. While not looking for confrontation, if it finds them, they will fight with all they have, to protect themselves and the ones they love.  They feel a deep driving passion to protect others; it’s just a part of who they are.  They are fierce warriors and not someone to be messed with. They will kill without a second thought if they have to.  Like a mother (or Father) protecting their young, they will not stop until their enemy has been vanquished.

When not being threatened however, they are peaceful neighbors and relish the peace and quiet.  They are supportive and helpful to others, while keeping a sharp eye out for trouble.  Just like a Sheepdog watching over his sheep, he is treasured by those he protects.  I think they will have the best chance for long term survival.

The Wolf however, is a warrior in his ways.  Hiding is not in his vocabulary and he will run towards trouble as soon as he sees it.  Like wolves, they are very territorial.  Wolves will not stand for any intrusion into what they perceive as their domain.  They are like mighty warriors, they will kill at the drop of a hat and will never consider their safety before others.  Like Sheepdogs, they fight to protect others; however they will fight for a much larger group of country or land.

The Wolves will be focused on defending the Nation and not staying in one place.  They will go to where the fight is and fight until either the enemy or they are dead.  Think of members of a Militia, their duty is to their country and will not rest until they are victorious.  Unfortunately, because they will keep putting themselves in harm’s way, their chances for long term survival will be slim.  There will not be as many of these as one might think, but the ones that are will be great and revered by the people of the land they fight to protect.

Now to recap, Sheep hide in fear and put up no resistance when captured.  Sheepdog’s tend to stay in one place and will fight to their death to defend those around them whom they feel responsible for.  Let me also add that I see this group as being populated mainly by older warriors or wolves, as I call them. Wolves never stay in one place for long.  They are constantly on the lookout for trouble and run to it as soon as they find it.  Wolves are the warriors who will protect our nation in its time of need. I see this group mainly populated by War Veterans who have seen it before and know how to face it.

This post is not written to disparage any group, but to help others understand that when SHTF hits, there will be groups of people who will come out of  a major crisis.  Each falling into one of these basic groups, the one group that I have intentionally left out are the Traitors (or Weasels) as I call them.  The reason for this is that I harbor so much contempt for them that I felt it was best to exclude them form this list.

You need to honestly sit down and decide which of these groups you fit best into and match your preps to that type of situation.  You may fall somewhere in the middle of one of the groups and that’s OK.  Just use that knowledge to help yourself become more prepared for what lies ahead.  Well that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!

-The Sargent-

9 thoughts on “Are you a Wolf, a Sheepdog or a sheep?”

  1. Old Iron wrote:
    Wolf brother you sir need to study and learn that the praying wolf is now the weasel and the praying,on bended knee, is the warrior. The weasel has finally been caught in wolf’s clothing.

    Put this way there seems to be a significant Native American mythology involved. If so, as I am ignorant of such mythology, please enlighten me.

    Col. Grossman defined 3 areas. The good, the bad, and those of us who confront the bad by standing between the good and the bad. When I first read his speech, the truth he espoused struck a strong chord in me. I realized that for most of my life I have been a sheepdog. His definition of sheep did not strike me to match the sheeple definition that is derisively used in the Prepper community about some folks.

    Again, if there is a mythology in play here, I don’t know about it. Tell me about it. I may owe an apology to THE SARGENT due to a lack of knowledge.

  2. The wolves IMHO are the predators that prey on the weak (sheep). I consider the wolves the evil that walk among us. They are the gang bangers and the deranged that the sheepdogs will have to defeat to keep themselves and the sheep that flock to them for protection alive. Wolves were never the good guys. ISIS is a typical group of wolves. I am an older retired MSG. I know my capabilities and they don’t include looking for trouble. I have staked out my domain and am prepared to defend same. Wolves will be dealt with like any other predator. 150 grain FMJ

  3. That is more the line I was thinking of too WolfBrother. Wolves prey on the weak and as much as my brother loves them and identifies with them that is just in their nature. To me I see a wolf being more the bike gang mentality. Strongest and meanest rule everyone else offers a throat or dies and they take what they want from those that are weaker than them and are only stopped by the sheepdogs.

    • OK, that is one way to look at it. I’m curious though; in which of these groups would you place a person (Militiaman) who actively travels and seeks out the enemy? He fights, so he is not a sheep. He travels, so he is not a sheepdog, and he is loyal to the people of the whole country so he is not a weasel. The wolf is territorial, seeks out his enemy, and fights without fear. That’s why I see them as Wolves. As for gangs and the like, they are Jackals because they are opportunist who will kill and think only of themselves. I guess I should have made the clearer. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  4. Wolf brother you sir need to study and learn that the praying wolf is now the weasel and the praying,on bended knee, is the warrior. The weasel has finally been caught in wolf’s clothing.

  5. very interesting and a change from the norm. love all your posts. i am female, disabled, retired RN, but still a sheep dog!


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