You can’t stop a survivor!

In todays Video Monday post, we are going to look at mobility solutions for the Handicapped Prepper. In a recent post that I wrote on age and those with mobility issues, I was surprised by some of the comments and emails that I received on the subject. The spirit and determination of many of those responding was amazing and inspiring to say the least. The one underlining concern that I found was the concern about the need to have someone help them when it came to crossing wooded terrain and travelling long distances. I can certainly understand their concern so today we are going to look at several videos on wheelchairs that are available to solve just this challenge. While these may not be suitable for everyone that is mobility impaired, they are certainly an option for many. Whatever challenge you may be facing, there are solutions out there for those who are determined to survive when SHTF hits. Each week I will address at least one concern of the elderly or the handicapped in a post, and together we will find a way, because you just can’t stop a Survivor! If you have any suggestions or request for a particular challenge that you are facing, please let me know and I will try to address them here in one of my post. Thanks and keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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